Breathing Strategies: Which Have You Tried?

Last updated: March 2021

Here at, we are interested in hearing about which of the following breathing strategies and techniques you have tried with your COPD. If you have not yet, and would like to, we encourage you to speak to your healthcare team about which of these may be the most helpful to you!

Pursed lip breathing

Pursed lip breathing involves blowing out slowly through pursed lips as if you are blowing bubbles. This technique helps to get rid of the stale air trapped in the lungs to make room for new air. This technique involves exhaling slowly and for a long time.

Interested in learning more about pursed lip breathing and seeing a demonstration?

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Buteyko breathing

The Buteyko method focuses on nasal breathing. It uses breath control exercises that help a person breathe more slowly, taking in less air.

Unfamiliar with the method? Learn more about Buteyko breathing.

What is Buteyko breathing?

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Coughing for better breathing

Learn how to keep mucus moving and help prevent it from building up in the base of your lungs with this strategy.

Coughing can help! Learn more about it here.

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Diaphragmatic breathing

This is also sometimes referred to as abdominal or belly breathing. Some people with COPD get in the habit of using what are called accessory muscles to breathe. These accessory muscles are in the neck, shoulders, and back, and they are not very effective. A better way to breathe deeply is to use your diaphragm. This is the muscle that separates your chest from your abdomen.

Learn more about diaphragmatic breathing.

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Which of these strategies helps you the most? Which are you interested in hearing more about or trying on your own? Let us know in the comments!

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