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A Day of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day that’s set aside to give thanks. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in the fall of 1621 when roughly 90 Native Americans and 50 Europeans congregated for a three-day feast.1

Stop and smell the roses

I’m a firm believer that we should always find something to be thankful for, each and every day. It’s easy to get wrapped up in hard things such as poor health, finances and more. I know if I stop and smell the roses, there is at least one thing to give thanks for. That spoke to me on Thanksgiving Day, like never before.

My friend and I were chatting. Sadly, her health isn’t good. In our discussion, we talked about our friendship that began because of COPD. That has also happened with others who have become friends. This friend and I agreed that we are all part of a COPD family. If we never would have had COPD, we wouldn’t have met.

We gave thanks for COPDWe gave thanks for COPD. Not to have COPD, but to have the friendships born because of COPD. The wonderful camaraderie and friendships. For the support system, as well as a COPD family that I’m proud to be part of. Many have been part of my COPD family since COPD Friends began on March 30, 2010. Some COPD friends came later. It makes sense then, to be grateful for COPD. Grateful because of friendships formed and our COPD families.I love to look at those who have touched my lifeIt’s wonderful that I have grown close to some of their families as well. They hold a special place in my heart. The hard parts come when our friends, our COPD family get sick and struggle with their health. Sometimes we are the only person that this person has to talk with. Sometimes we might be the person to help put a smile on their day. Sending a sweet picture or image may help brighten their day. We pray and wait. It’s such a blessing when we hear they are doing okay and must rest. Sadly, some are very sick, some we say goodbye to. That’s the hard part and sometimes there is no closure.Yet there is reason for celebrationThere are the memories that we built along the way. There are things that we have learned from each other, including COPD.Sometimes looking at ourselves, we see painful parts of our lives. During this time of Thanksgiving, it’s a good time to resolve any conflict. What better time to make amends. To make peace with others and to rid ourselves of ill will and guilt. Making peace within is the only way to free ourselves and to live freely in this time of Thanksgiving. It’s so freeing.May every day be thanksgiving, may we find something good even in the hard times. Most definitely it would be nicer without COPD. Yet, I am so blessed with the friendships and family that have been created because of COPD.

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