Bringing Awareness: Part 2

Last updated: January 2023

You can find part one of this story here.

It’s not enough that we have to be aware of our physical and mental health. We have to be aware of others, those who might try to take advantage of us, or someone else. Did you share a telephone number with this person?

Being asked for money

If you are asked for money, stop! Do you know this person?

If you think you do, stop anyway, even if they call and say that your grandson is visiting another state or country. Supposedly, he got in trouble and needs money.

Did your grandson tell you that he would be gone? No? Tell your caller that you need a phone number to call him back.

Then, talk to your grandson’s parents. Do they know your grandson’s whereabouts? Tell them about your caller.

They will likely tell you to avoid this person because no one knows him. They might have you call the police, who will likely advise you on what to do. You will likely be told to unfriend this person, block him, and avoid contact.

You may be upset if he isn't blocked and be concerned that he's avoiding you now. Maybe he says he doesn't love you anymore.

Please remember there may be excuses to ask for more money as time goes on. You possibly need to unplug if you can't leave him blocked.

There have been numerous shows with catfishes. Go online. Check some of the shows that has spoken with victims of catfishing.

Staying aware of spammers

Spammers: These are people who knowingly take advantage of others. There could be a circumstance similar to the catfishing above. Or they could be taking advantage of you to get money from you.

Last year I wanted to get a puppy and couldn't afford to spend much. It’s crazy, mixed breed puppies in the triple price range. That's what I would imagine registered puppies would bring. So I did my shopping online.

A deception that I personally encountered more than once: These people wanted money now!

I was to use one of a few different accounts, such as PayPal or Zelle, to pay him/them. That's instant money. I was told I could pay them half or a third if I didn't have all of the money, but I had to do it right now.

I told them I had to wait until my husband got home, "Oh no, you have to pay us now. Otherwise, we can't hold your puppy."

When I asked where you are, the response was, "Where do you live?" I told them and was given the name of a nearby town. I said I would drive now and come to see the puppy and bring cash.

"Oh no, I have to have the money first, right now"! Looking at the phone number again, it's an out-of-state phone number, even though they said they were in South Dakota. Going through their Facebook pages, they had numerous breeds of puppies, each with their own Facebook page.

It looked like one of everything. I felt sick.

This happened to me a few days before too. I almost gave a deposit but had a terrible feeling about it, so I did not. I was so upset to be taken in by these people. They are criminals! They play with emotions, as well as deception.

My hubby went to meet his brother. He called me and said he had found a puppy. I didn't know what to think. 

He really did surprise me with a puppy; she is wild! I've learned a lot from things that happen, people, and things to beware of.
Be careful! It's human nature to want to trust, to want to believe that people are good at heart.

Most are, but sadly, some of these people want to prey on your heartstrings. Have a backup person. Someone that you trust.

Someone that will be honest with you and who will listen. Your bank account depends on this, and so does your heart. 

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