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A Time of Renewal

January and September are renewal months for me. I love the thought of September with new pencils and the smell of new books. Education has always been a big part of my life. In fact, I could have been a professional student, I loved school so much. However, January is the real time of renewal. Clearing out cupboards and draws, throwing out the old, and making room for the new. This new year brings with it the promise of everything we dreamed of.

Holidays are over

Now that the holidays are over and all the decorations have gone away again, our rooms look clean and pristine without a lot of baggage and gaudy tinsel. The holidays are my highest spending times of the year. It is a bonus when the season is over, and we have celebrated without going into debt for it.


Now, for January and all that it brings us. New calendars, new journals and books, and the promise of keeping all the resolutions that we have set for ourselves. What is your New Year’s resolution? I stopped making New Year's resolutions many years ago because I was often unsuccessful and that made me feel like a failure. As each year passes, and resolutions aside, we must tighten up on our indulgences.


Moving our muscles and staying in motion helps to keep your internal organs as lungs and heart exercise. Many of us will be attending respiratory rehabilitation this year, if only virtually. Living through this pandemic has allowed all of us to be slackers.

Nobody notices if you miss a day, but one day missed has become weeks missed. If this sounds like you, you have probably noticed some lung function decline. It is never too late to start over again, you can reverse some of the damage caused by living a sedentary life.

Start slow and small with chair exercises for the upper body and using a peddler for cardio. I like to do my exercise at night while I watch television. It helps to make me tired enough to sleep and keeps me toned.


Now is the time to consider cutting out carbohydrates and empty calories like sweets and bread. When we consume carbs, they turn to sugar and are the likely cause of bloat and discomfort. Making fruits, vegetables, and lean meats the big part of your daily ritual will help to keep you moving without discomfort.

Alcohol and COPD

Some like to have a few drinks in the evening and most doctors probably allow that. I have a poor sense of balance at the best of times so drinking alcohol makes that worse and because alcohol metabolizes in the lungs it slows lung production


Letting go of the past that we cannot change and not worrying about the future will keep you in the present in this moment. Don’t waste today’s joy by worrying about what could happen tomorrow. Planning is the key to living successfully with COPD and enjoying the here and now will likely lead to a more satisfying life.

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Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 7th, 2024, Barbara Moore passed away. Barbara’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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