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Life Is Getting in the Way of Living (Part 1)

Editor's note: this is part 1 of a series. Be sure to check out part 2 and part 3!

You may be able to relate to some of this article.

Bigger than me

When my family hurts, I hurt with them. Some will say that we aren’t supposed to let ourselves take on their feelings, actions, etc. I do though. I can usually do okay at this but sometimes it's bigger than me. You will see more of that in part 2 of this series.

I have realized that experiencing some of these life events can take my breath away. I’m learning to keep my pro-air inhaler in my pocket always! A person never knows when a puff might be needed. It didn’t seem that I experienced things like this, to this degree anyway.

I also have my Biotene spray nearby. This is to moisten my mouth or else it is so dry. The oral rinse helps to moisten my mouth. A dry mouth does affect my breathing and can make it feel like I can’t get air.

Updates and projects

Stepping back, I actually have been doing pretty well. I am able to focus more and function with a light step, and of course, taking numerous breaks. My office and craft room is looking more organized. Updating the photos on my walls is my next project. How fun that will be. I love having family photos and looking at them. It makes me feel close to everyone. Most of my family members live 1000–1200 miles away. Also, I’m hoping to get creative and update my kitchen.


I have so many projects to do and am so looking forward to doing them. Wreaths are so fun to do and I want to make a few for wedding/baby/other gifts. There are so many other projects and it’s so exciting. Whatever supply is left I’m going to sell so that others can enjoy creating as well. I sure could use an "organizer" though.


Exercise is something that I am definitely going to focus on. Setting up a program at home, I’m hoping to take my pups on the treadmill with me. They used to try to get on with me. I’m thinking of driving up to a flat area where I can walk the dogs too. The outdoors can affect my allergies as well as my COPD and asthma, but I have been spending at least 10-15 minutes outside when the air feels nice.

There is time to plan and it gives me so much to look forward to. One step at a time.

Times of trouble and peace

You may be wondering how life is getting the way of living. I’m sharing the positive first. This will get shared with my husband and one of my daughters, so they will know where I’m needing help. I have found that I need to keep my body and mind at peace in times of trouble, even in times of peace.

Breathing and praying are most important and help the most to find that peace. My inhaler is kept close as well. It’s so hard when my chest begins to burn, to hurt. At times my throat hurts and feels like it closes. It can get scary. If needed I will put my oxygen on.


Realizing what is affecting me and inhaling deeply, I count...1,2, then slowly exhaling...1, 2, 3, 4. I continue until I find my body and mind are in a better place. I use my inhaler as well. With a bottle of water nearby, I slowly drink that. It's amazing how peace seems to take over my body and mind.

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