7 Innovative Breakthroughs for COPD Patients

Last updated: September 2023

There have been a few noteworthy innovations in recent times. These tactics can greatly improve our quality of life with COPD.

Here are seven new innovations that can be very helpful for COPD patients.

New approaches to COPD management

Smart spirometers

These are small, hand-held spirometers that you blow into and that determine your lung function. They can connect to your phone to track and analyze your breathing. You can find these online for various prices.

Smart inhalers

Have you ever had a day end and wondered if you took your inhaler? With smart inhalers, you don't have to worry.

They come with sensors that record when and how you use your meds. Just check the app to be sure.

Plus, if you're okay with it, doctors can review your inhaler use and offer tips for better tips for usage. Additionally, there are currently programs providing free attachments for your inhaler that you can find with a quick search online.

Telemedicine and remote care

You might be quite familiar with this by now, especially with the rise of COVID. Virtual doctor visits let you get medical advice and check-ups without leaving the comfort of your home. This means less traveling and fewer chances of getting sick from being out and about.

Most of us have access to this via our respective health portals, and the price is often comparable to regular doctor visits.

Advances in treatment plans

Ongoing advancements in genetics and biomarker research have opened up the possibility of using a basic blood test to gain insights into your specific subtype of COPD. In the future, doctors may be able to develop personalized management approaches using specific guidelines for each subtype.

This could potentially result in more targeted and effective interventions. We're on the cutting edge of looking into this kind of innovation, but it could be a while before we see results.

Lung restoration therapist

These therapies include stem cell therapy, in which physicians inject stem cells into your body to aid in the regeneration of damaged lung tissue. This is an innovative technique for dealing with the consequences of COPD. Experts are now studying and exploring the possibilities of this treatment.1

Smart watches

These handy devices aren't just for tracking your steps. They can also monitor your heart rate, oxygen levels, sleep patterns and might even detect falls.

This data can be incredibly useful for managing your overall health, especially if you have COPD. I'm sure many in this community already take advantage of this innovation.

A brighter future

With these innovations on the horizon and some here already, it's an exciting time for those living with COPD. These advancements promise to make a positive impact on our daily lives and health management.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, there's always progress to look forward to in the world of COPD care. Have you had any firsthand experience with these innovations? I'm eager to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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