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Do You Have a Pet That Helps You Cope With COPD?

I do. I had two at one time (during my COPD years), Sophie and Penny.

Sophie was the best girl ever

Sophie was a beautiful rescue border collie mix that we got when our kids were younger. She was the best girl ever. She helped me wrangle the kids and I even think she thought that she was their mother at times. She was so good with them and then later on with my grandkids.

She was also good with me. Sophie was always by my side and knew If I wasn’t feeling well. She would lay by me all day in bed if I stayed there. She followed me everywhere, especially to the bathroom. Sophie enjoyed playing frisbee, catch, and she knew all kinds of tricks. Everyone who met her loved her. She thought she had to kiss everyone that she met or saw regardless of if they liked dogs or not.

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We had to let her go

We had Sophie for many years but had to finally put her down in August of 2020 after much thought and consideration about what she had been going through. She had been going downhill for the last few years and we knew that we did not want her to suffer, so when it was time, we had to let her go.

Not only were we losing her, but just the year before that I had lost my dad to cancer in March. Then last year, not long before Sophie, my mom had passed away in June. The last three years have been so hard, but in addition to my family being there to help me through it, I also had Penny.

Penny's arrival

We had just gotten Penny in May of 2019 which helped with the loss of my dad a bit. Penny was seven months old when we got her. Just a little seven-pound fluff ball. She was more on the cute side where Sophie was more beautiful. My grandkids couldn't get enough of her. We never had planned on getting another dog (well my husband, not me haha) but we were fortunate to get the chance to give Penny a home when she was needing one.

Pictures of dogs in various Locations with Owner

Penny will be three in October, ten pounds, and is as spoiled as ever. She is the lapdog that I have always wanted. She sleeps by my side, and of course, just like Sophie, follows me to the bathroom or any room that I go to. She loves taking walks and playing with her toys and loves to bark at the squirrels. She enjoys her treats - especially boiled eggs that she gets just about every morning. She loved playing with Sophie and misses her so much.

Joy and companionship

I don’t think I have ever had a time in my life without a dog. I wouldn’t want to either. They provide much joy and companionship, especially with my kids grown and out of the house and with my husband working during the day.
Sophie and Penny both helped me with my anxiety also. They could calm me if I was having a bad day.

My life sure wouldn’t have been the same without our other dogs over the years and without my Penny Sue. I’m so grateful for the day that my son sent me a picture and asked me if I wanted a puppy that was looking for a new home!

Pictures of dogs in various Locations with Owner

Do you have any pets that help you through this crazy life? I’d love to hear about them.

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