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The Stars Aligned

It was one of those days when the stars aligned, and everything turned out amazing despite my current COPD symptoms. Due to the wildfires we have had, we have had a series of bad breathing days.

My COPD is unreliable and never predictable. I sometimes think the best-laid plans are no plans at all.

Making the most of the wonderful weather

When my grandson stays overnight, we like to do something special with him the next morning. We discussed various destinations and decided to sleep on them.

The morning brought little humidity, a soft wind, and a sunny day.  When you have COPD, conditions like this particular day make breathing easier.

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One would even go so far as to call it a perfect day. We wasted no time and headed straight for the nearby gardens.

All in all, I'm pretty proud of myself for going out. I am also 100% certain that without my husband and my grandson, my COPD would make it easy for me to stay put.

I could never leave my house, and it would be fine with me. Being agoraphobic nurtures that part of my COPD that makes it easy for me to stay home all the time.

Managing COPD for an unforgettable outing

These gorgeous gardens are practically in my backyard. It takes us no more than 25 minutes from our driveway to the parking lot and into the gardens.

Driving on back roads that are not heavily traveled helps to minimize highway pollution. It's a tool I use to keep bad breathing episodes at bay.

The entrance to the garden was pretty busy; there were lots of people coming and going and a cacophony of low voices. I wore a full mask because, with COPD, I need to make every effort to stay well. It feels foreign, though, this being in the land of the living and socializing and mingling with others.

My COPD has a way of restricting my plans, but my grandson’s excitement always rubs off on me, and I forget about the past. He loves his freedom but insists that I see every flower he sees. Thankfully, my scooter allows me to stay calm and mobile despite the restrictions of my COPD.

A perfect ending to a perfect day

We stopped at a café and had snacks among the flowers. We sat up high so we could overlook the gardens.

A lavender scent accompanied each breeze. The restaurant served us fine bone china tea cups and saucers full of sweet snacks. It was just the kind of snack we were looking for. 

A cool fan helped to keep my shortness of breath at bay. We marveled at the colors and shapes and the plethora of flowers below.

Finally, the sun started to hide in the sky, the breeze was cooling, and our day had to end. We happily returned to the car, satisfied and full of a great day.

When some future bad days come, I will always have this adventure to think back on, and I will relive the memory.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 7th, 2024, Barbara Moore passed away. Barbara’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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