A New Year With COPD

It could be a New Year's past, a New Year's future, or even a New Year in the present. New Year's Eve is always the 31st of December. This is often a time of remembrance as we reflect on this whole year past.


Did we succeed?

We may think about the resolutions that we made on the very first day of this year and possibly other years past. Did we succeed? If not, we will likely add it as a resolution in the new year. What might we do differently? How can we lean on the people we love for support and encouragement to help us persevere through the challenges that will certainly come?

Keep trying anyway

Sometimes I stay stuck, thinking that if I could quit smoking, I should be able to quit eating too. For me, I’m always quite positive. Being positive doesn't mean I will always accomplish my goals. It more means that I will keep trying anyway.

My list

The following items have been on my list so many times. I added gain weight for those who are needing to gain, as weight fluctuation can be a challenge for people with COPD.

  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Gain weight

Looking ahead

The New Year is always the first day of the year. January first. New Year's Day. The name sounds pure, just like new-fallen snow. We can look ahead to a new day. This day can be met head-on.

Will you begin this day with coffee and toast? Maybe with bacon and eggs or even cereal? That’s a big decision. Starting your year off on the right foot can help you create positive momentum. After all, you have maybe already showered, dressed, and made the bed. This is the traditional way some people do it.

Other resolutions

There are many other potential resolutions that can steer us in the right direction. Take a look at the following list and let us know in the comments if you've ever tried these!

Together is often better

It's often easier to achieve a New Year's resolution when you work with a partner or group. You can usually find support by reaching out online or in person. Additionally, you can provide support to others by sharing a kind word or smile or with an online message or an image. The new COPD.net site allows for more reactions than ever which can help authors and other community members engage in a unique way.

Some other support ideas include meeting at a local discussion or even talking on the phone. You could also introduce your friend to other supportive people in your life and vice versa. After all, our health and well-being depend so much on one another.

That reminds me, my health is my whole health. My body, soul, and mind.

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