Medication Management

If you have COPD, you will most likely already have an arsenal of tools at your disposal on a daily basis to assist you in managing flare-ups. When you add new medications to your schedule, it is normal to have feelings of being overwhelmed.

There is a possibility that you may have side effects from new medications that are even more aggravating than the symptoms that the medication was initially intended to ease.

Efficient medication management

Creating a strategy to keep track of your medication can assist in reducing the amount of stress you experience. There are products such as pill boxes that have the days or weeks stated on the exterior of each box. Some of these boxes even include alarms that go off when it is time to take the next dosage.

Some individuals choose to keep a record of their medication use in a notebook, while others like using an application on their mobile device, smartphone, or tablet.

It was easy for me, in my role as a caretaker, to fill the daily pill slots on Sundays when the Golden Girls marathon was being shown on TV Land. In the beginning, we had a little pillbox that we used once a week, but eventually, we upgraded to a daily container that had four slots.

Seeking support with medications

You should make sure that you have someone with whom you can discuss and ask for assistance in arranging your medications. In the event that the existing plan is too much for you to handle, the office of your physician could be able to help you come up with a new approach.

If you have a trustworthy neighbor or member of your family who can assist you with organizing your medications on a once-in-a-week basis, you should get in touch with them before your treatment is affected.

In my experience, I have seen a great number of people reach a point where they are too ashamed to seek assistance with their medication. They could end up forgetting their dosages or missing them out of frustration or worry of running out of money before the next refill has to be called in. This might affect their ability to take their medication.

Exploring prescription assistance programs and maintaining communication

You may get in touch with a number of prescription assistance programs that your doctor can put you in touch with. In the long term, it will be beneficial for you to organize your medications in a way that allows you to be both disciplined and flexible.

Regular communication with your healthcare practitioner is key. Communicating any new symptoms and addressing the changing dynamics of your condition can greatly alleviate the stress of managing your COPD medications.

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