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The Wonderful Things Life Has To Offer

Gee, I don’t know what to think of that title. Yet that title seemed to jump out at me and felt perfect.

Sometimes, that’s how things work in my articles. Who am I to ignore or reject a potential article to share? I’ve always believed that thoughts and ideas are often sent directly through my fingertips.

Having hope with COPD challenges

As we cope with COPD, for some, it might be difficult to imagine wonderful things in life while they struggle to breathe, to function, or even to sleep. How do they find hope, avoid loneliness or even dream when they see a fellow COPDer getting sick or maybe someone has passed away?

How can they have such a wild imagination to think that there is even a reason to smile? Would there ever be a reason? Life isn't fair sometimes; it can stink.

Understanding and connections

I wish that I could have you look into my eyes. I hope that you see sincerity, compassion, and understanding.

I’ve been there; I’m pretty sure that quite a few others have, too. It isn’t easy. It’s kind of crazy.

I didn’t feel that anyone understood and I wasn’t sure if they even wanted to. Everyone seemed to have an answer without even knowing the question.

Heck, I didn’t know the question. I only knew that for me, I had to do something.

How? Here is me, someone who acts like I know everything but lacks the confidence to believe it.

I wasn’t comfortable speaking in the few groups that I joined. No one really responded.

So, I started a page and asked if anyone had COPD and needed a friend, and so many said that they did. Many felt like I did.

Growing together through awareness

There was an easy acceptance, and friendships quickly followed.

It became obvious that people wanted and needed to be part of something. We grew together. More people came. People realized that they needed someone who understood. Most people were reaching out to help.

We began to understand each other as we learned more about more about this and fumes. The genetic form of COPD is Alpha-1.

Slowing progression

COPD is a progressive disease. Over time, it will get worse. The good news is that it is possible to slow the progression of your disease.

How do you do that? How do you slow the progression of your disease?

  • If you smoke, quit
  • Avoid places where people do smoke, and no one is to smoke in your home
  • See your doctor as scheduled
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Exercise
  • Lose or gain weight as needed
  • Find a support group. This may be people from your COPD group, family, friends, or even a therapist

Your unique health journey

Always remember that you are unique in your own disease. You and others may have the COPD diagnosis.

However, you might have a different health history. Meaning that the genetics came from your family lineage.

There are possibly other health issues. Examples would be having arthritis, allergies, sleep apnea, emotional health, heart health, etc.

Blood types might be different. You might have an alcohol or drug addiction. You are likely taking a different medication. This list of why everyone's journey is different is endless.

Finding peace and growth

This is the beginning of your new life. Accepting that this is your life and that it is still important to live your new life and grow. Others, too, will do similar or the same thing.

By accepting this life and letting yourself grow, you might experience peace. Peace be to you as we travel this life with each person that we meet along the way.

Where we can finally agree and accept that there are wonderful things that life has to offer.

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