The COPD Journey Continues

Last updated: June 2023

Hi all! Hope everyone has had a few easy-breathing days of late. It's sure been a challenging few days for me. Highs and lows, laughter and tears. No one said life would be easy or full of fun (definitely not). But hey, I got through it and I'm that much stronger, mentally as well as physically.

Thrown completely off my guard

I had a lapse on the exercises (oops), got thrown completely off my guard, and it shook me up. But on the positive side, I'm back exercising and using my exercise pedals. It doesn't take too long to bounce back these days. I truly love a challenge. My journal is looking good and makes a fabulous read. I've been sharing it with those who work with me.

The hills are always mountains

Exercise is paramount for us to stay well and strong, especially living with COPD. Plus, it makes us much stronger to fight off bugs and viruses. It also allows us to bounce back quicker mentally. Don't ever give up - fight for the best life ever and live it to the best you can. Life isn't that easy when you're well and in good shape - you still hit those rocky roads and the hills can feel like mountains. For us, those rocky roads are more like boulders, and the hills are always mountains.

We don't quit

But we don't quit. We don't look back and think 'what if?' or 'why me?' We look straight ahead. If we fall, we get straight back up and put our best foot forward. We realize that our lives are precious and worth fighting for. We never realize how strong we actually are - not just physically but mentally too. But we work out, fighting to stay well. We need to exercise often to build up our muscles. Depending on the severity of our COPD, we tend to use different muscles to breathe, so exercising is crucial.

Eating healthy is just as important. Little meals seem to work. Our lungs can change shape and move our muscles. I'm starting to have curvature of the spine due to the severity of my COPD. It's important for me to stay as mobile as possible. Though I can't walk far, I love to use weights (dumbells), the rowing machine, and the exercise bike. If I can't get to a gym I use these at home (except a rowing machine). I make note of everything I do including how many steps I take each day. It's great to see slight improvements. If some days are less, that's fine. At least I've still exercised!

A gift to be cherished

Life is a gift to be cherished and to be lived. Don't quit. Live your life - it was given to you for you to live. Remember to use what you have. COPD does not rule my life, I rule my COPD. Together we can fight it. Wishing you all an easy breathing day/evening.


Editor's Note: We are heartbroken to share that Debz passed away in October of 2021. She is deeply missed but her positivity and resilience live on through her articles. Thank you for everything, Debz.

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