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Your Inner Voice

Last updated: November 2020

Since the time we were children, we have had one. We probably developed it around the time we learned to talk and started to know the difference between right and wrong. It has guided us many times, in many situations. Some good and some not so good. Some say it is intuition or the guiding hand. I call it your inner voice.

Finding your inner voice

Some of us have a hard time finding our inner voice. If you have a hard time finding yours, it is probably because you have squashed it down and refused to listen for many years. Now is a good time to start to listen to your inner voice, because when you have a chronic illness like COPD, nobody but you knows how it feels. So, how will you go about finding your inner voice?

Stop the clutter in your head and find a quiet corner to have quiet time. You must do the work of taming your thoughts. For some of us, it is easier than for others. The easiest way is through prayer, meditation, or just simply walking away from the noise. Be alone with your thoughts and listen. What emotions are you feeling? What is your intuition telling you? Do you hear a voice, or do you just simply have a feeling? Either way, listening will help.

Going further and doing more

You may feel pulled to do something that is not logical to your conscious mind. My conscious mind tells me that if I go down the stairs, I will become short of breath. But my inner voice says, “SO WHAT? You will regain your breathe as you always do. Just try it!” So, if my conscious mind keeps me away from the stairs, is it helping or harming me? I know for sure that I will eventually have to go down those stairs and once I do, I will surely have to come up the stairs once more.

My inner voice is a kind and gentle voice that pushes me to go further and to do more than I ever thought was possible. Usually, when you are making decisions, the first voice that comes to your head is your inner voice. Using pursed-lip breathing and sitting in a quiet space will help you to work through the best decision for yourself.

Your inner voice needs practice

Sometimes your inner voice needs the practice to make it heard. Working your inner voice like a muscle will help you develop a stronger voice. Talk to your confusion and see what happens. Remember that we are our own advocates and we should advocate for ourselves frequently. If you are too tired to exercise that day or go to attend a birthday party one day, nothing horrible will happen. Giving strength to your inner voice will help you work through a situation that will have a better outcome for you. Use your inner voice to work through your tougher situations that provoke anxiety and see if you can build a better outcome for yourself.

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