The top half of a person's head is looking up at their thought bubble. It shows a lakeside cabin in the woods, a fire, and two people dancing.

The Cottage

Have you ever created a ‘go-to’ place? A place where you could let your mind run to? It’s where you go when you just can’t be present with what is happening in front of you.

Survival method

I learned this technique as an employee. My former boss liked to constantly talk about himself. After I heard the same speeches for the 3rd time, I would close my eyes and put my head down, as if I was concentrating on his words. Instead, I was building a cottage.

In the beginning

A lottery win was all it took for my dream to began. A lottery for $50M, that is 50 million dollars! I started to feel the feeling of having more money than I could spend in 3 lifetimes. Of just having anything I wanted, and that no matter what I wanted, money would be no object. I concentrated on the feeling of having no financial worries along with the feeling and glow of being on a perpetual vacation.

Buying property

In the northern part of Ontario, Canada, we have amazing properties that include untouched land surrounded by freshwater lakes. All of our best vacations were in Northern Ontario, so buying property there seemed like a great idea. We vacation going north so I began by buying a property in Northern Ontario. It would be my home away from home.

An investment of time

I invested a lot of time, in the 15 years I worked for that boss, on building my cottage and making it a warm & cozy place. It was always there when I needed an escape. All I had to do was close my eyes and I was transported. Years later, as I got sick, it was a welcome place to visit. It felt like a cozy home, and it has always made me feel happy and calm to be there.

Building my cottage

In the beginning, I created a huge cottage that my entire family would live in. Then, as they began to move on with their own lives and they got their own places, my cottage evolved. I began to build a separate cottage for each of them. I would incorporate the features that I thought they would like, and it was soon a mini private resort.

Solving problems

Solving problems as they arose was so easy when money was not a problem. You can’t imagine how great it felt. So many problems were so easy to solve when money wasn’t a hindrance.

Creating non-profits

Once I was happy with my cottage and my home, I invested in foundations and created non-profits that helped so many people. I found the right people to run the organizations. They employed many with chronic illness and it helped them to be employed and to find the support that they needed to survive in these crazy times.

Just a fantasy

This is my fantasy world, and it is all in my mind. I never won a lottery, or physically built a cottage and I wasn’t able to create those nonprofits or foundations to help others with chronic illness. Sadly, in our world money is an object that can keep me from my goals. But it can never stop you from dreaming.

Do you have a secret place in your imagination to run to? Mine has served me well.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 7th, 2024, Barbara Moore passed away. Barbara’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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