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Dry Nose, Dry Mouth, Dry Skin

The one thing I have learned about taking COPD medication is most will most likely dry you out. It could be puffers or a simple inability to breath easy and using open-mouth breathing that could cause this.

This inefficient breathing causes constant drying of the mouth. Since the average human body could be made up of 55% water, our bodies get dehydrated when we’re not consuming enough water, and symptoms will follow.

Effects of hydration on your health and skin

You can get dry inside the nose, mouth, or on arms and legs. You can start feeling itchy and with excessive itching, especially on tender skin like ours, scratching can lead to sores. The itching can eventually render open cuts, mostly on our arms and legs.

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It is a good idea to stay hydrated since your heart and lungs are composed mainly of water. Being hydrated helps regulate your temperature, cushions your joints, and aids in moving that mucus up and out easier, along with keeping your bowels moving smoothly.

Most people are urged to drink eight cups (8 oz) of water or clear liquids per day. Your health could make your fluid consumption change. Have a quick chat with your doctor and ask him how much you should be consuming daily.

Be ready at your next visit to say what you think the effects of too much or too little water have on you. Your doctor's answer could make a difference in your symptoms and treatment.

Implications of excessive water intake: heart and kidneys

While your heart is made of water, when you have heart failure, it means your heart is too weak to eliminate excess water properly. This excess water sits around your tired heart and causes increased shortness of breath and fatigue.

Your heart still works. It just doesn’t work efficiently.

An intake of excessive water in your system can mean that your sick kidneys cannot eliminate it. This excessive fluid can cause your heart to work harder, increasing blood pressure and causing excessive fatigue and shortness of breath.

Flavoring options for water

It is your preference to flavor your water or drink it plain. Some add lemon, salt, or diluted juice in moderation. Some others like adding fruit, like raspberry and strawberry, to their water. Coconut water or filtered water is a good alternative to plain old tap water.

Milk isn’t for all of us, but if you can tolerate it, enjoy it. Don’t overlook the specialty teas and coffees, especially herbal teas.

Refreshing hydration and skincare tips

  •  Soups, Hot Or Cold - Soups don’t need to be hot. Serve a cool soup and salad for a great cooling effect.
  •  Fruits and Vegetables - Did you know that cucumber and watermelon are 92% water?
  • Epsom Salts - Use in the bath or shower for soft silky skin.
  • Creams and moisturizers - Use the best creams and moisturizers you can afford and use them regularly. Ask for help if you have a hard time choosing, and if you have insurance, ask your doctor to give you a prescription.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 7th, 2024, Barbara Moore passed away. Barbara’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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