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Surviving The Holidays

The end of each year brings on seasonal festivities with lots of visiting and socializing. Even in this mid-pandemic year, people still want to be with their loved ones. Planning is the key; it is the only way to get it all done so you too can enjoy the season.

Prioritize your tasks

This is a great time of year to start writing lists so you can prioritize tasks. Do the hard ones in the morning when you have more energy. Eliminate tasks that can be delegated to others, are unnecessary, or that you simply don't enjoy.

Don't get distracted by trying to do too many tasks at a time. Do one task at a time and finish it before going on to others. Don't lose sight of your goals.

Preparing the night before

Planning your day the night before makes your tasks easier on the big day. Things like showering the night before and knowing what you need in advance is a lifesaver.

Lay out clothing from head to toe, including shoes, so that you will be ready for the morning. No finding out at the last minute you have no clean socks!

Planning ahead with food

If you have to make food, making it in advance and freezing it really makes your load lighter. Seasonal music will get you in the mood and doing a little every day is the only way to get it all done.

Having a large dinner is too much for one person. Ask everyone to contribute by bringing a specialty dish. Give them a vegetable, salad, or side dish and let them choose what they make with it.

They can take home the leftovers or wash and dry the dish before they take it home. No week-long clean-up after the holiday is over.

Avoid the crowds

Hurray for the pandemic. I don't mean that ... well, I mean that the one good thing that came from the pandemic is normalizing online shopping. Now, we can shop anywhere we want, at our leisure, any time of the day or night.

There is a great deal of focus on online shopping right now. I can shop for most anything from food to furniture both outside and inside. I like that items come right to my door and I do not impulse shop on the way to the checkout.

Take time to rejuvenate

When you get tired, refresh with food, water and exercise. Take frequent rests from tasks.

Slow down the pace, breathe through it, and keep asking yourself, "Am I ok today?" Also, remember that what doesn't get done will always be there tomorrow.

It is my wish that the season is magical for everyone and that light and hope surround you. My fingers are crossed that modern science will continue to research for a cure that will help all of those that suffer from COPD.

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