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Christmas Past, Present, and Future

My memory takes me back to a third-grade moment. I am in the bathroom after lunch with some of my classmates.

They were talking about Santa and if he was real or not. They said he wasn’t, and it was our parents who got us all of our gifts.

I was angry when I told them there was a Santa. I know because my parents can't afford all those gifts for my siblings and me. New snow boots, hats and gloves, and a baby doll.

My parents couldn't afford that, and I knew in my heart that there was a Santa.

Christmas past

I loved Christmas as a kid. We would start with Christmas Eve at my aunt's house. We had a big feast, exchanged gifts, and enjoyed our time together.

I remember the smells of the hot baked ham, the Christmas tree, the fireplace, and the Tom and Jerry our parents let us have one tiny sip each year. All the cousins would enjoy our gifts and then go Christmas caroling at the neighbors.

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Next up was midnight mass. We enjoyed going so late, so we didn’t have to leave for church on Christmas morning. On Christmas morning, we would all get up, open our gifts, and be in awe of what Santa had brought us.

I have such glorious memories of those times. We did the same year after year until my freshman year of high school, and my family moved to Tucson, Arizona. Christmas was never the same without grandma, all of our aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Christmas present

We started our new traditions as I got older and had a family. I never knew how much joy my parents had had watching us until Dave and I got the same joy watching our kids open their presents. Instead of having a big Christmas dinner, we usually had a big Christmas eve breakfast meal.

They all seemed to enjoy it. The time has come now that our kids have had kids, and we again started new traditions. Our family has gotten so big, and they share time with their other sides of families that we now go to each child's house on Christmas morning and see what Santa got them all and let them open the presents that we brought them.

The joy of watching our grandkids is even more exciting than when we watched our kids. I think it's because we see their joy and their parents watching them.

I could watch those faces and excitement all day long. It brings me so much joy.

Christmas future

In the future, I’m sure things will continue to change. It’s harder for me to do some things than I used to, but Dave has been there to guide me through it all.

If I want something done that I cannot do, he's ready to do it for me. I don’t know what I’d do without him or the rest of my family.

I will enjoy each Christmas and continue to see all my family's love, joy, and happiness. I guess the next big changes will be when my grandkids start their new families, and I hope and pray that I am here to see every one of them.

Please feel free to share your Christmas traditions in the comments below.

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