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When You Can’t Afford COPD Medication

The cost of medications and inhalers for COPD can be steep if you are on a limited income. I was Mom’s caregiver before Medicare kicked in to help pay for her inhalers. We had a heck of a time. It’s easier today because of the internet. When you can’t afford prescription medication, these Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) go to work for people with COPD.

How PAPs work when you can’t afford COPD medication

Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs help to pay for medicine through pharmaceutical companies, private charities, non-profits, and medical companies. There may be a low or even no cost to the patient.

There are requirements related to your income. Even if you have income, they take into account your medical expenses. If you have problems, ask your doctor, family member, or friend to help you. It’s worth it to spend the time now and save money in the long run. There are many, but I personally checked all of these out for COPD help.

Which PAP is best for COPD medications?

There are many PAPs, and you may qualify for one. You can always try the Partnership for Prescription Assistance first. Fill out a few lines on the website, and it will narrow it down to the program that is best for you, delivered to your email inbox.

List of PAPs

The RX Assist Website is a website database allows you to click on the patient gold button on the right and type in the name of your prescription. From there you will be lead directly to the pharmacy phone numbers.

Benefits Check Up is a great place for all types of help, including prescription drugs. Their website guides you through a list of options and allows you to print out or fill out an application online. After application, it’s a wait and see, but may offer you a bonus for inhalers, walkers, or other items you need, including housing.

SimpleFill is a website that helps patients access medications for COPD and Asthma. They boast a 24-hour phone line at 877-386-0206.

Needymeds helped me a lot. From their COPD page, you learn more about all they have to offer for COPD patients, or you can go directly into the PAPs. They offer links to other COPD websites and have an easy menu bar across the top. Their toll-free number is 800-503-6897.

RX Helper advertises assistance for COPD and they also have a phone line. You can click the link and see if you qualify quickly, or call 888-233-4303.

Don’t get discouraged by cost of medications and PAPs

If you get lost in the websites, come back here and start over. Remember, they can help find the med you are on or even work with your doctor or Medicare. Filling out forms can be frustrating. Set aside an hour or so and log on, or call. If you are rejected, don't give up. Go to the next one. These are just a few, and any one of these organizations can refer you to another one if you ask for help. When you can’t afford prescriptions for COPD medication, you deserve help. I will keep this current and up to date. Please check back for any changes, or post your progress with any of the above PAPs. All my best to patients and caregivers in getting your meds!

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