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The Solution: Showering or Bathing

Last updated: October 2022

I am not happy that I panicked about taking a bath. I wrote part 1 of this story, which you can read here.

My favorite thing is enjoying a hot bath and having the luxury of soaking in warm soapy water. I laid back slightly and meditated until the water grew cold, telling me to get out.

Wanting baths back in my daily routine

I was never ashamed to add more hot water to stay in a bit longer. It was a luxurious experience for the mother of three children who were three years apart and a husband who worked shifts. So, bathing was quick showers every workday and a Saturday night soak.

I have a shower chair, and it is ok, but I remain very short of breath for the duration of my shower. Never been a real shower person in the past.

My weekend soak was something I yearned for. I probably haven’t had a bath in over six years, but now, I am thinking about it a lot.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try again. So, I did, and once again, I panicked and had to get out immediately.

The next day, I called a medical supply store to see if they had a solution for me. If necessity is the mother of invention, my solution was right there.

Bathtub lift chairs might be my solution

I had no idea they existed, but there it was for the asking. Thanking them, I started to look around to see if the prices varied.

Research sent me online shopping, but it was cost prohibitive at about $900.00. I was very sad because, being on a pension, I just could not justify it. Then I finally looked at used ones on a local buy-sell-trade page.

I find that most people selling these items had some help from their insurance to purchase, and I do not have this insurance.

After a loved one dies, the family wants the equipment gone, but they also want to give it to someone who appreciates it. It is often used sparingly or not at all.

Equipment like this often goes for a really good price. Paying 1/6 of what I would have paid new was a bargain I could not turn down. I always follow Covid protocols when meeting or buying items from someone in person.

I found one online. He said his dad went into hospice before he could enjoy it, so it was brand new. I can sit on my bath lift and be gently lowered into the water, and when my bath is over, I push the button and rise to a sitting position.

It has a swivel seat that helps you quickly get in and out of the bath.

Bathing is exhausting

Given the opportunity, I would bathe every day, but the truth is that even with a bath lift, I do not have enough energy to do it every day.

When I do take a bath, I genuinely enjoy it. I can use it as a shower chair when I don't want a bath.

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