Sandy Spears

Last updated: November 2022

”COPDI’m Sandy Spears, a lifelong resident of Georgia. In November 2015, an x-ray revealed a large mass in the lower left lung. The doctor said appeared to be lung cancer. I then had a needle biopsy. The needle biopsy came back undiagnosable. I was sent to a different facility where a bronchoscope was done; again, it came back undiagnosable. I became very sick after the bronchoscope and ended up in ICU on life support in March 2016. I was suffering from acute kidney failure, delirium, and septic shock, among other things. While in the hospital, there was a more invasive bronchoscope done, where it was finally revealed to be NSCLC. Now being put on 24/7 oxygen, I had to go through pulmonary rehab to build my lungs to undergo surgery. In May 2016, I had a lower left lobectomy. In August 2016, I had a right frontal craniotomy and targeted radiation. I had immunotherapy, then another immunotherapy in combination with a clinical trial. I had an omentectomy in August 2018 and 15 rounds of radiation. I am currently Ned and on no treatment for cancer. November 2015 was a life-changing day.

During my cancer treatments, I was found to now have COPD. When I went through pulmonary rehabilitation, I found it to be the best thing for me, and I would recommend it to anyone with COPD. It was a real-life saver. I learned what and how to use the Acapella and how to breathe when exercising correctly. Use the spirometer to help build the lungs.

I began to realize we don’t know how many tomorrows we have, so make each day count. Laugh, smile, and make others smile.

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