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Elizabeth Moffett

”COPDMy name is Elizabeth Moffett and I’ve been a Respiratory Therapist for 17 years. Throughout those 17 years, I’ve done it all. From working with sick patients in the ER, ICU, to outpatient services like PFTs, EKGs, and Heart Monitors. I started up a Pulmonary Rehab at the local hospital where I live and ran that before COVID hit. I was able to open back up following COVID and have passed the torch to a trusted colleague. During the time of COVID, I published a book. The First and Only Interactive COPD book on the market. It was just recognized as the 5th Best COPD Book of All Times by Book Authority. I love educating people and enjoy keeping up with my social media accounts where I provide free education and Free Pulmonary Rehab!

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