Make Happy Moments

Sometimes you need to make happy moments. With the heaviness of dealing with COPD, it may seem like they are few and far between. That is when it is all the more important to create a light atmosphere any time possible.

Our children provided much of the "lightness" for mom. She loved watching them falling asleep while they were eating, watching them navigate learning to crawl and walk, and so many other "firsts".

One of the times that stands out in my mind became a game with my son and my mom. She desperately wanted to play with him, so she began to chant with him as he walked around the table in our living room. "Round and round he goes. Where he stops, no one knows." The faster he would go, the faster mom would chant.

Just the chant in itself was difficult because it takes breath to talk. It takes more breath to chant, and then to chant faster becomes a workout. She loved it so much because he would laugh so hard in his little two year old, innocent voice. Then she would begin to laugh at him laughing. It did her heart good.

While he was running as fast as he could around the table, she would begin to whisper and slow it down. Now we have a game. He would slow down to match her whisper. With wide eyes he would wait for it to get faster again. Once she had a chance to catch her breath a bit, she would get faster and a little louder. He would take off, in full tilt.

This was such a wonderful game to them that one time when she had been away for a while, we called her and while on speaker phone, she began their little game. He took off running around the table with the phone in his hand. He was laughing and screaming from excitement. His maw maw had found a way to play with him, and they both loved it.

It is those simple, joyful times that I try to hold tight. It is so easy to forget the happy times when this disease gets ugly. That is why it is so important to continue making light-hearted, happy memories.

Recently I came across a short video of this phone call between my mom and my son. As he ran around the table screaming, I was taken back to her smile and laugh. My son watched it too, and it brought back wonderful memories for him as well. He laughed and began talking about how much he loved his maw maw.

Don't underestimate those seemingly insignificant moments of joy. Embrace them with everything you have inside of you.

If I could add one more thing, it would be to take more photos and videos than you are comfortable with allowing, especially when the atmosphere of the room is light and happy. It will help you on the bad days, and it will help your loved ones when you're no longer here.

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