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  • I'm 64, started smoking at am l surprised or dismayed at the news? Obviously not. It's not's not Dementia either and those are the scary ones for me....body or mind doing stuff beyond my control. And that's the thing, l know that I've done this to myself largely but with urban living itself being labeled recently as equal to 20 cigs a day, I'm not beating myself up. I'll adjust, I'll cope as best l can....that's life.

    Has anyone been enrolled in this ? I have gotten the option to do so from my pulmonary doc...

    A month ago I started a lung infection with light pains around chest and back, on and off. Had some light intermittent labored breathing that could last a few hours. I got light soreness throughout lungs for 2 days that went away. Walking I felt better, great hour mall walks. No fever. In a few days, began light sore throat, sinuses, ears. Doc put on antibiotic. All resolved in a few days, but was left with some mild chest pains and some light SOB. Better but not gone.I had cardio workup and there is no problem, my cardiac system is perfect. Then saw pulmonary doc who seemed to panic after the breathing into tube test. The oximeter was 97, so good. The tube test was about half of what it should be, he showed me a graph. He was freaking out saying hurriedly copd, emphysema, asthma. It's irreversible. Then said, well people can live with one lung. And he started me on Trelegy Elipta.He was getting me very worried. The doc calmed down a bit and was more about the problem being asthma than copd given that I quit smoking so long ago. I am 72 and quit smoking in 1980 (15 years, 2 packs).I am from a smoking family and no one has lung problems. Yes, we were pretty stupid.I have reactive airway syndrome likely from exposure to cement dust when laying tile without ventilation about 35 years ago. Nothing worsened over time, I cough on and off daily, it is in the larynx. Cough is triggered by perfume, cold air, lying down, etc., and I adjust in a few minutes. Usually light but can be hacking, and brief. Now given the breathing test it seems possible it may have involved also the bronchial area, and I had bad bronchitis 5 years ago for a good month. When this doctor did the breathing test, I had just sat in his waiting room for 45 minutes, packed with people with perfume, coughing most of that time. So I would think that the test may be exaggerated from that big trigger. I return in a week for a follow-up test after being on the Trelegy Elipta inhaler for a week. That has caused a few light chest pains and coughs, but mostly seems fine. I hate taking a drug for life, I have no other drugs.I’d rather take something if I get SOB again with a lung infection if that should happen. Where is this likely to take me? Your thoughts are most welcome.

    I need to know if their is anyone using natural products to combat COPD? If so do they really work ? I have been trying some that seem to make me better and my flare ups are almost gone now. I use red ginseng and turmeric in pill form and I also am using a diffuser in my bedroom. It keeps the coughing away. I haven't used my ProAir HFA inhaler but few times since I started this a couple of months ago. Before I was using it everyday. I still am using my Onoro once a day. I was wondering is the Neti inhalers worked and is anyone on here has tried them. Also the salt lamp in the room helps too. You may think I am nuts but I do not like all these drugs that can cause so many side effects. Eating right helps too and I am also into exercising which helps. Well thats all for now later all.

    I've been doing reading on what foods help breathing people with copd. Its not so much these foods open airways but cut down on phlegm and inflammation. I know pineapple is helpful. Does anyone else know of some we can share as times goes on? I will find more to help others

    This is the scenario. I got a call from my insurance company that I have COPD from one of the nurses and wanted to know if I would like to talk. I never got a verbal diagnosis from a doctor. Anyway,what do u think? If I do have COPD I dont have the coughing part But I get mucus stuck in my throat and chest. I have a tightness in chest feeling and I have episodes where I have a gagging fit that can produce me vomiting up yellow mucus. I had trouble catching my breath on those episodes.I also get palpitations during these episodes. I also can hear not wheezing sound but mucus sound during episode periods. when I am okay I am okay.This is not all the time. Any thoughts or knowledge on this? Thanx so much!

    Hi All, I'm a university student and I'm doing a project on portable oxygen therapy devices. If you could choose one of the following, would you say you prefer a longer battery life or a lighter device?

    Hi Everyone, If you have or know someone, I am interested talking with them, as I've been approved from this treatment. (After researching and completing the testing requirements) My doctor won't give me names, due to Hippa regulations, so I ask the group to help me! Thanks, sewingkaren

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of a study on CBD hemp oil treatment for COPD? CBD oil reduces inflammation, anxiety and depression, and is an expectorant. It has few if any side effects. I would like to take this instead of Prednisone. My doc is ok with me taking this product as long as I still use my Spiriva. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. L. Fetters

    Hello, my mom has been living with COPD for at least 10 years, but only this week she had to go on oxygen. I’m having a hard time keeping my anxiety down, because I noticed that she had a “bad COPD day” today. Before starting the oxygen therapy she didn’t have this problem. I feel that the oxygen is helping so much that when she takes it off her system is actually weaker and not able to handle the lower O2 Level. Was it better to be “even-keeled” with low oxygen than now with this rollercoaster of good vs bad “COPD days?”

    My husband is in end stage COPD. He has been hospitalized many times, the last time was for a month at a nursing home for some rehab. He is not doing well at all. He has chronic respiratory failure... he retains CO2. They put him on a Noninvasive Ventilator called Trilogy. He uses it a's getting to be almost all the time. He sleeps nearly all the time. He can't do much of anything for himself. I still manage to work two days a week but I'm afraid that might be changing soon. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and how they dealt with it? I also wonder if anyone has any experience with the Trilogy and the use of it most of the day. I'm feeling very frightened about what lies ahead and yet I don't know what lies ahead if that makes any sense.

    Well, I know I've have posted alot, But I feel like I'm finally moving forward. I'm 28 and last year I was diagnosed with "likely asthma". Well in the last 6 months I have had bronchitis and pneumonia 5 times. Last two times I have had lowered oxygen saturation (down to 95) most times it's 99-100. I am in the midst of bronchitis again, after 2 days of a head cold, it move immediately down to the chest. I had to go to a walk-in as my doctor is full this week (I am in Ontario Canada) and apparently I really puzzled the doctor. He referred me to a pulmonologist finally. And he prescribed me Levequin and he wants me to take prednisone for 2 months, he thinks it's something more chronic now. Has this ever happened before? Sorry for the long post

    I was diagnosed at the end of last month with COPD based on x-rays and a good chat with the Dr about my History. I had the flu and was ill for a month. Now I'm on Zenhale and Ventolin and had one better week and came down with a cold and another flare-up. I do house cleaning and have switched to plant based cleaners. I just seem stuck in a place of trying to find a new balance. Also, any tips on improving my immune system? I eat well and haven't smoked for 20 years, work out 4-5 times a week and am at a good weight. I"m waiting till the end of May for Pulmonary testing. It's not an easy illness as it seems to be so different for each of us. Just have to keep on keeping on at this point

    Whether you're going on a trip to a faraway destination or just traveling around town: what is your experience when traveling with COPD? Please share about it with us in this forum!

    I see stage numbers and various names for the particular aspects of COPD. Is there a reference list for these stages and other names used to describe or label the progression of the disease. My diagnosis upon discharge from hospital just over a month ago says "chronic obstructive disease, unspecified". What would some of you with some experience say that means? What specific symptoms are associated with different COPD progression steps? Thanks for your feedback. I have posted a couple of times as a new participant. I am trying to maintain a positive attitude. Any suggestions?? Regards, JohnG43

    Had a flare up 2 weeks ago, Dr prescribed predisone and antibiotic. Cleared up in a week, but came back 3 days ago, coughing, excess pleghm, wheezing. Went to local er, 5 hour wait time, left without seeing Dr. Gonna try to see primary Dr.soon. Using nebulizer at home and OTC meds. What OTC meds are good for copd flare ups?

    Question actually, I have stage 4 emphysema (COPD) and AFIB. My biggest problem with the fairly recent addition of AFIB is that the pills that I get make me gain weight, and the weight always seems to be around the stomach area. Of course this makes it harder to breath. So my question is are there others with the same two ailments and found a way around the weight gain? I'm in stage 4 and only have 20% lung capacity according to their silly test, also on O2 24/7, but I still manage to exercise everyday for at least 25 min. but it doesn't seem to help. I gain a pound one week and lose a half pound the next. Ant suggestions.

    Hi all, newly diagnosed here. On February 24, I officially quit smoking as I was losing my breath just getting dressed. I've been smoking since I was 14 so about 23 years.I watched my dad die from this and lung cancer in 2011, I should of quit then. I feel pretty dumb. I have been seeing doctors for months due to fatigue and little pains here and there. Went to Pulmonologist on May 4th and I was diagnosed with stage 3 emphysema. Anyways, the dr called me about 45 mins after my appointment to tell me this, but I was eating lunch with my mom, and I was trying not to freak out in front of her. He asked if I could talk or had any questions and I stupidly said no. I wish I would have asked questions cause now I really know nothing. I have an appointment with my primary tomorrow. Anyways, the report says I have obstructed and restrictive defect on pfts. The blowing tests were hard, I felt like I was going to pass out. My fev1 was 0.9, 52% predicted. Fvc was 1.3L 50%. The fev1/FVC ratio was 73%. I have no idea what any of that means. Trying to look things up but it gets overwhelming. Now that I've quit smoking i feel much worse, and I keep getting pains at bottom of rib cage and feel completely swollen inside. I think I'm scared mostly cause 2 years ago I had an xray that showed nothing, now all the sudden this?! The worst part was telling my mom and brothers considering what happened to our dad. Since diagnosis day I have been so busy I've had no time to myself, or to really process, and trying to act strong for my mom. I think, if things work out this weekend I may take a trip and "process". Sorry so long and thank you for the welcome. It's nice to finally get this off my chest.

    Admitted to hospital yesterday morning with a blood oxygen of 82,you can I again what a mess I was, have been put in this machine which is humid oxygen and although my b,of oxygen is now showing 97 woohoo still feel yuk, it does nothing for your chest which is still tighter than a rubber band so cannot get any oxygen down there, has anyone else used I e

    Its hard for me to gain weight ..I need to put on about 15 pounds ..I get full so easy
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