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  • I was wondering if anyone has heard of a study on CBD hemp oil treatment for COPD? CBD oil reduces inflammation, anxiety and depression, and is an expectorant. It has few if any side effects. I would like to take this instead of Prednisone. My doc is ok with me taking this product as long as I still use my Spiriva. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. L. Fetters

    Had a flare up 2 weeks ago, Dr prescribed predisone and antibiotic. Cleared up in a week, but came back 3 days ago, coughing, excess pleghm, wheezing. Went to local er, 5 hour wait time, left without seeing Dr. Gonna try to see primary Dr.soon. Using nebulizer at home and OTC meds. What OTC meds are good for copd flare ups?

    I’ve been looking for a fitbit type of monitor that also tells me my O2 saturation levels for years. I was just at COPD10 and there’s one that will be available in the US sometime relatively soon. I’m not trying to sell or promote this thing, but I think I will find it extremely useful for exercise and monitoring my O2 levels and others may as well. It means I won’t have to have a fitbit and my oximeter when I go to the gym. Want more information? Email me.

    To the moderators: if this doesn’t pass muster, is there a way that someone can word it so it does? I’m really just trying to give information I think would be useful to some people.

    When I’m moving around the apartment, I usually don’t wear my oxygen tubing and I’ve begun to notice that when my oxygen level gets too low (below 88% blood oxygen level), my blood pressure goes up drastically. Is this normal, or just me? Either way, I’m going keep a closer eye on my oxygen level.

    Sure I am short of breath and get tired but I wasn’t prepared for this . After my morning ritual yesterday, I did my powdered inhaler and went about my day. My grass needed cut really bad an it was a cooler 87degrees out so I attempted to mow . I can still do things but it takes a lot longer and some rather long breaks in between. I proceeded to mow. After mowing a rather small area , I started shaking and having a bit of difficulty catching my breath plus sweating . I decided to go in the house and rest a while . After about 2 hours and a change in clothes , I attempted to mow some more it was than 92 out but baby steps. Then I started the sweating shaking and fighting to breathe again so I stopped my task and went back inside. I was in my kitchen and had to use my emergency inhaler and then that is when it happened. I was leaning over the counter and regaining my composure when there was a knock at the door . I went to the door still sweating and huffing and answered it . A young boy was standing on my porch I have never met before. I said hello and he looked at me and that is when the real pain started. He said sir I live across the way and my grandmother and I noticed you are having trouble mowing your lawn. He said he had a rider and it would not be a problem to come finish your mowing for you and it wouldn’t take that long and he didn’t mind. That is when the realization set in! I hope he didn’t notice the tears running down my cheeks. I told him ,I have COPD and though I would love to take you up on your offer, I have to do this myself. He said I understand sir my father died a few years back with what you have and he was a fighter too. He said if you ever get to the point you just cant do it anymore ,just let me know. I asked him his name as he walked away and told him David thank you I might just do that . I went back inside and started to cry. I did not realize a disease like this could strip away your pride !I know now what hurts the most from a conversation with a young boy that wants to help . The realization that you just cant do things anymore and having to much pride to except it. Having to much pride hurts the most !

    What “invisible” part of COPD do you wish other people could see?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried stem cell replacement? I’ve been looking into it but I’m not sure if I should do it or not. I’ve spoke to two people who had it done and they say their life has improved, however my pulmonary doctor wants to know your clinicals and many cannot provide them. It costs lots of money also…any ideas?

    Seeing a pulmonary Doctor the last few months. Got a breathing test done at hospital ( one where you sit in a machine). Dr said I have moderate copd, stage 2 i guess. Prescribed Trelegy, using it for a couple months Now. Once a day is good for us who forget that second dose. Seems to be working well. Good to share with others who understand copd. Merry Christmas to all and easy breathing to all.

    found out carbs produce co2

    For some, starting conversations regarding end of life care can be very difficult. When is the right time to start that conversation? Who do we start the conversation with? What are the next steps after a conversation? Hearing about others experience with these talks can be super helpful. Share your thoughts or ask a question or two below!

    The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when managing life with COPD. Share any helpful tips for managing holiday stress with fellow community members to support them during the holiday season!

    My nose runs constantly, and especially when using oxygen. I have to blow my nose or use a tissue 40-50 times/day. My pulmonologist cannot explain ‘why’ . Has anyone had this experience?

    FEV1 64%, FVC 94 with a ratio of 54 amd MMV of 67. Post bronchodilation FEV1 74%, FVC 103 with a ratio of 57. Final diagnosis- Moderate obstructive lung disease of asthma type. Do I have COPD, asthma or emphysema? Please help

    My question is, in July of 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 4 emphysema, chronic bronchitis and severe asthma, I know there isn’t an exact time from on how long it took to get to this point, but ssi may insist I prove I had it at least in December of 2017, do to my filing date for disability, to gain full benefit of the 45 plus years I paid in, only medical records I have start in 2015 from a heart attack , and 2017 showing spots on my lungs, any ideal of some time frame it takes to get into the stage of copd I’m in now

    Recently moved into apartment with 12 steps up to bedroom. Reluctant at first to see if I could do it on a daily basis. Been here 3 weeks, the more I do it the less I get out of breath. Was getting no exercise at all, now I’m starting to breath easier, except for 95 degree weather and high humidity outside.

    What would you like to tell others about your COPD? Share it here for COPD awareness month!

    My oxygen supplier has never contacted me other than when I reach out to them or order items. In fact, when my concentrator stopped working, it took over 7 calls, and over 1 1/2 weeks to get me a newer, functioning model. Do others have the same experience with their supplier?

    Mother 88 yr, end stage copd, in nursing home, they are giving here xanax and risperidone. Should we be concerned about adverse effects? Any studies or references you can provide we can show them?

    Just getting over winter. I have COPD emphysema 65yrs old, just having a shower is hard work takes breath away. also everybody in my street have log fires even if not cold ,humidity seems to be high a lot. Now its spring we have forest fires sugarcane burning every night plus temp usually always over 95 deg, plus humidity always over 85-90% i really dont know whats best. neighbours love mowing their grass spraying there poisons. i’m in Australia i just don’t know anymore. even know i’m trying not to smoke i think whats the point everything is a hassle at least cig relaxes me for 5 min.

    We know that it can be challenging, to say the least, to ‘keep on keeping on’ with a COPD diagnosis. No matter where you are in your journey, it’s always good to hear about helpful tips others have learned about managing COPD – or to share what helps you! Please comment here with any “tips” or “tricks” you use in YOUR everyday life with COPD!

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