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  • I was wondering if anyone has heard of a study on CBD hemp oil treatment for COPD? CBD oil reduces inflammation, anxiety, and depression, and is an expectorant. It has few (if any) side effects. I would like to take this instead of Prednisone. My doc is ok with me taking this product as long as I still use my Spiriva. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. L. Fetters

    I was diagnosed with copd in 2018 i was prescribed with symbicort and incruse i also have another health issues but i had a dexa scan found out i have osteoporosis now and its pretty bad also found out i have a vitamin D and E deficiency so i was taking high dosages of vitamin d a year still very low on my vitamins i have been looking into symbicort and found out side effects are osteoporosis and vitamin deficiency my doctor says it can't be true so has anybody else been diagnosed with this or is it in my head like the doc said

    I haven't been in here for a few weeks. I spent a week in the hospital the end of October. My problem now is that I had a molar tooth extracted a week ago which has caused my chronic sinusitis to start up and I'm having breathing problems and where the tooth was removed is very swollen. When I get up and move around I can't hardly breathe. I have been taking breathing treatments about every 4 hours. I should have had my husband take me to the ER today but I just started feeling worse tonight and he has to be at work at midnight. I just hope I can hold on until tomorrow to seek help. I guess I just wanted to vent. Thanks for reading.

    Anyone know of a medical supplier who accepts Medicare and California Medi-Cal to pay for a battery operated nebulizer compressor?...thanks

    Hello, I am glad I found this community. I am 35 and 2 months ago I had an episode of shortness of breath so strong that I felt I needed to go to ER. I went to a pulmonologist couple of day after, i did a spirometry test which came out "almost" normal he said (FVC 5,11 130 4,94, FEV1 4,44 135 3,29, FEV1/FVC 86,9%) but he said i had mild COPD. I did a chest xray which came out normal and later did an MRI that showed bullous Emphysema, 5 cm on each upper lobe. I went back to the pulmonologist who said it i had COPD A Gold 1. I am 35 but have been a smoker for 20 years and 1 pack a day for 10 years or so. I stopped smoking immediately but i have been feeling really weird this last 2 days. I have been extremely tired, all day in bed, i feel a little fever and chills, i don't feel like i have shortness of breath i think but i feel my throat is stuck, feels a little like a suffocation feeling, also my chest burns, feels like is on fire. I have so many questions I don't know where to start. I hope some of you can clarify my doubts because the 2 pulmonologists I visited didn't explain much. I asked them if this condition would have change or shortened my life expectancy, and one said not really, because I caught it early as long as I immediately stopped smoking, eat healthy, exercise the other one said pretty much the same but I felt he was a little more concerned. I felt that both in a way were hiding the truth from me in a way, maybe they saw I was death scared. I don't know. But now I am learning that this condition is a really serious one and life changing, life threatening even when is mild. I hope someone can clarify my questions:
    1. 1) The first and most obvious has my life expectancy decreased from a normal person. The fact that I am 35 does it change things? Can I live a long life 80 years+ or I am expected to live shorter or even a really short life? I have red average life expectancy for patients with Stage 1 is 14 years. Is that true?
    2. 2) Is this disease always progressive? i was told that my spirometry is normal but the MRI confirmed bullous emphysema. Can I maintain a GOLD 1 stage if I don't smoke and keep healthy or is it always progressive?
    3. 3) I was just told to quit smoking, exercise and eat healthy but the only medications I was prescribed are airon for 3 months, Cortynase for 7 days and Rinaris for 5 days. I wasn't given any bronchodilators which I have red almost everybody is using. My mother sometimes has bronchitis and she has Flutixair 50. Would that work?
    4. 4) I already started to feel some symptoms as I mentioned before. Is this normal on stage A 1 GOLD? Is 2 days I feel really tired, want to sleep all day, my chest burns, I feel little fever, my lips hitch a bit and the worst is that my throat feels stuck.
    5. 5) I have read there is a surgical treatment for bullous emphysema that not everybody can do but if I am eligible should I consider talking about it with my pulmonologist? Does this procedure slows the progression of the disease or is performed only to limit symptoms?
    6. 6) I am an airline pilot, is couple of years I haven't been working but my plan was to come back to my job but I have red many people can't fly because of COPD. Will sooner or later loose the ability to fly as a career but also as a passenger?
    7. 7) I have red that during COPD A Gold 1 there are no symptoms but I am clearly having symptoms. Could be this worst than Gold 1 A, could they be wrong? 5 cm on each lobe feels like a lot, can a spirometry test be wrong? Due to the symptoms should I consider redoing the spirometry?
    8. 8) My grandfather died of pneumonia and he had several machines, 2 were sold which were pretty expensive but I have found an oxygen tank that I tried yesterday and I felt a little better. Will I need to use oxygen in a future as a certainty even if I stop smoking, keep healthy, exercise and keep the disease under control?
    Thanks everybody in advance for providing help in clarifying my doubts.

    Is it possible to have long lung even if you don’t have emphysema or any other form of COPD? There seems to be some discrepancy as to whether I do or don’t have emphysema. I had some slight SIB this year. My cardiologist said my echo and stress test were fine. My PFT was fine and no treatment needed. However, my chest x-ray showed some possible early stages of emphysema. My general practitioner MD says I have long lung because I’m tall. She attributed my SOB to lack of exercise. I am seeing a Pulmonologist at the end of the month. I have never smoked anything in my life but grew up in a smoking household. Very confused by all this. Would appreciate your thoughts, thank you.

    Let me begin by apologizing to whoever reads the following. It is long and rambling if only because the whole COPD experience has thus far been long and rambling. In the early 2000 time frame, I was told by a pulmonary specialist that I had COPD. Then the Department Chair ordered some sort of "advanced" pulmonary testing and after receiving the results told me that I don't have COPD....and then whispered as he left the room...."loose some weight." A few years passed and I began to have frequent "coughing uncontrollably and related breathing issues." Some doctor told me it was because of my sleep apnea. But I kept being put in the hospital for 2 or 3 days, given IV doses of Levaquin and then pills for home. By 2012, I was referred to another pulmonologist who had me tested and proclaimed that I had COPD..but a "very mild" case. He put me on breathable powder prescriptions and of course, albuterol inhalers. The numbers of "exacerbations" or "flares" became more numerous and my repeated requests to be retested in the pulmonary lab were brushed off with "you have a very mild case." More importantly, at my demand, I began getting sputum tests with each event. The tests consistently came back with "staph aureous" and the pulmonologist prescribed various antibiotics in the "cillin" class or his apparent favorite, z-pac. I would take the drugs, the symptoms would go away, the pulmonologist would declare me "cured." And then a week or so later, the symptoms would be back...difficulty breathing, coughing, sleeplessness, etc.. This went on monthly for nearly 2 years. In frustration, I found an infectious disease doctor who cleared up the staph aureous (I think) but also found a soil based mycobacterium happily living in my lungs...but she said it wasn't causing any problems and in any event, killing it was a long, brutal process that most patients would not complete. In the past 18 months, I have made innumerable trips to the ED. Always the same. Duo-neb, Solumedrol, prednisone in varying amounts and duration depending on the doctor's training, etc. This summer, I've had three bouts of pneumonia without anybody determining the organism causing it and two bouts of "pulmonary edema" for which they gave me Lasix. My cardiologist says me cardiac system is excellent. I am 76, so that was encouraging. Fast forward to the past month. I wake up in the AM and remove my CPAP mask and am immediately in a panic not being able to breathe in or out. I don't know how many mornings I have literally peed my pants in absolute stark terror. I am able to grab the inhaler and get a puff in....and then stand there bent forward for 10 or 15 minutes before the coughing begins and I am able to bring up phlegm. Then I use the duo-neb but it only lasts for a few hours at best. My primary care and pulmonologist both say it is mostly my anxiety that is causing the problems so they give me 1/2 mg of lorazepam. makes me feel good...but quite tired....and does little to stop the panic from feeling like I can't breathe. I am becoming a recluse because I can't run the risk of peeing or crapping my pants from coughing in public. I am going to try a new pulmonologist, but am not hopeful. Seems they just want to treat the symptoms and not figure out the totality of the disease. Yes...I have COPD...and I know its progressive and will perhaps be the way I finally die. I've done the so-called pulmonary rehab gig twice now...with no tangible results. I am rapidly losing faith in the medical community to do anything more than move me through their precious system, medicate me, and forget me until I darken their door once more. Am I the only one experiencing this sort of nightmare? If you who read this and have COPD think I am just being a psychosomatic blow hard, please tell me. I don't know what or who to trust.....but I would LOVE some quality of life in these so-called Golden Years.

    Found out last February when I got a chest cold, I was smoking an e-cig first time first day bam put me in the hospital for a week. There's more to the story.

    I use an oximeter frequently, but have very cold hands, and often don't get a correct reading. I recently had a PFT test, and walk test. My levels drop down to 90 with the walk test, and even below that at times. My doctor said that if my oxygen drops to below 88, and does not come back within 15 minutes I should stop walking. He also said to stop if I'm not able to speak a logical sentence. For some reason that sounds strange. I do use oxygen at night. Any comments?

    After 40 years of cigarette smoking, I have become accustomed to the sound of my breath while walking, especially up and down my driveway. However, after drinking Montana’s Miracle oxygenated water, I have discovered that I no longer breathe heavily while walking around or exerting myself. I have much more energy and endurance in completing everyday activities. My muscles are much more relaxed and I am able to exercise more freely while completing daily activities and exerting myself much more. The energy that I am filled with and the increase in my quality of life are what make drinking this water worthwhile. While completing walks through my neighborhood with my granddaughter, I am able to walk longer and more effectively down my street and without assistance. I also do not have to take breaks to catch my breath. I can say for sure that this oxygenated water has benefitted me in more ways than one and allows me to live my life to its fullest potential.

    I was recently prescribed to start 2 liters of Oxygen at night for sleeping. I have noticed that when I am at home relaxing if I wear my Oxygen while awake I feel better. Is there any reason why I should not utilize my Oxygen Concentrator while awake and relaxing?

    I want to quit smoking and this smoke i am smoking right now is my last. This is the first time i actually spent one intention or thought pattern aimed at quitting. So wish me luck and please feel free to encourage and support my attempt to quit smoking..thank you and have a beautiful day

    Today and yesterday I was extremely fatigued and today I'm very short of breath. I know it's not going to improve so I wish I was dead already. I'm finding this extremely discomforting and I am irritated and aggravated by every aspect of existing. I've been stuck in this house for weeks and I'm sick of it. I will not go to the e.r because I don't want to be kept alive any longer than I have to be and that's what will happen if I go. I will continue to smoke heavily as I have for 38 years because it will speed things up and hasten my death. I can't stand to be here any longer.

    Has anyone been enrolled in this ? I have gotten the option to do so from my pulmonary doc...

    I've been looking for a fitbit type of monitor that also tells me my O2 saturation levels for years. I was just at COPD10 and there's one that will be available in the US sometime relatively soon. I'm not trying to sell or promote this thing, but I think I will find it extremely useful for exercise and monitoring my O2 levels and others may as well. It means I won't have to have a fitbit and my oximeter when I go to the gym. Want more information? Email me. To the moderators: if this doesn't pass muster, is there a way that someone can word it so it does? I'm really just trying to give information I think would be useful to some people.

    Hi I just wanted to share some tips I picked up for exercising. When the adverts are on the tv I sit upright and practice the leg raises gently lifting one leg up and out then the other leg, trying to beat my previous score. Holding the leg out for 5 seconds (or as long as you feel comfortable. Another tip I find helpful is marching on the spot when waiting for the kettle to boil, if unsteady hold onto the work surface for balance. If you peg out your washing that is classified as good cardio as your vending and stretching. Its handy to jot down how long you march on the spot for and how many leg raises you manage as you can see your achievements build up.

    Hi I wanted to share when I got diagnosed on June 6th 2016 stage 4 COPD it was obvious I had COPD years before but always declined the offer of a Lung Function test. I was scared to know the truth (back then) so it wasn't until I was rushed into hospital not being able to breathe and a gradual weight loss down to 6 stone I realised how I'll I actually was. A night in the ICU and 2 weeks on a HDU wearing an NIVmask , it hit me what I had done to myself, years of smoking and not listening. I quit smoking the day I was rushed into hospital. On my release it was a very slow progress forward a( scary one) but I got there. For ,long time I was build up drinks, now 3 years on I've done the Pulmonary Rehab programme I exercise regularly using dumbbells squats (as far as my knees allow). Marching on the spot leg raises with ankle weights. I'm on a high calorie diet though I eat healthy I snack on crisps and sweets as I burn a lot of cal7breathing. I want to say #thinkpositivebepositive #thereslifeafteradiagnosis, There is I've learnt to adapt and do the things I can do if I'm having a bad day I will do a hobbie like reading or arts and crafts. If I go into town I use a wheelchair as I cant walk a distance I'm ok with that I'm alive a healthy 9 stone. Keep fighting life is for living its precious and a gift. COPD does not rule my life I Rule COPD . Debz Borge

    I found the perfect exercise program for me & wanted to share. I'm 65 yrs. young, stage 4 emphysema, on oxygen 24/7 and all the other unwanted bells & whistles that comes with that. I KNOW I need to exercise, but was LAME in actually DOING it. Easy to shrug it off at home & it takes too much effort to go to a facility 2 - 3x a week. Over the last year shortness of breath & other symptoms worsened. I stumbled on "Lift Up" on Facebook. An online program that combines exercise, guidance, information & SO much more for less than $100 a year. All at your own pace with a variety of qualified instructors. I LOVE IT! It is what I've been looking for for 2 years. Check out website at: Or Facebook page: Lift Up-COPD Support Group.

    My GP sent me to the hospital for a spirometry test. My result was no change when I used a puffer so I was given a prescription for Advair. Was told that since I quit smoking that I would get better. I was very out of breath for a few years before I got Bronchitis that lead to my breathing test. I find now that baths..showers and small amounts of housework have me huffing and puffing. Will this stay the same or get better.

    I'm 64, started smoking at am l surprised or dismayed at the news? Obviously not. It's not's not Dementia either and those are the scary ones for me....body or mind doing stuff beyond my control. And that's the thing, l know that I've done this to myself largely but with urban living itself being labeled recently as equal to 20 cigs a day, I'm not beating myself up. I'll adjust, I'll cope as best l can....that's life.
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