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Diet & Nutrition

What foods do you eat that have helped your Copd

  • By PJ Johnson

    I’ve been doing reading on what foods help breathing people with copd. Its not so much these foods open airways but cut down on phlegm and inflammation. I know pineapple is helpful. Does anyone else know of some we can share as times goes on? I will find more to help others

  • By Jenn Patel

    Hi PJ-
    Thank you so much for your post. While you may get more feedback from members of the community, I thought these articles on nutrition (, meal planning (, and an article on 3 simple tips for eating and feeling better with COPD by our nutrition specialist, Matthew, ( may be helpful. I hope this proves useful! We are thinking of you – and we appreciate your being part of our community!
    Jenn ( Team)

  • By C E Chapman

    Pineapple’s a good choice, and when things get a bit too thick here in the phlegm department, I find a cold, crunchy dill pickle makes a difference. I guess anything acidic has some benefit.

  • By Andrew347

    I was diagnosed with COPD last November of 2017. I have since taken NAC, Siberian Ginsing, Fish oil, Magnesium, and lukewarm honeywater.

  • By mickey22

    COPD has got to be nothing less than mysterious. I don’t cough, I don’t spit, I don’t get short of breath, I do take medicines, and I can say these things because I stay in the house. I can go to my car and hit a bar and it’s like being at home. But if I go to the barn and try to work at something it won’t be long before I’m doubled over catching my breath. Up until March I was using a outside wood boiler to heat our house and barn. It got to the point when I was losing my ability to breath right tossing wood around, I could think of a heart attack had to be next. Sometimes it really took a long time to get my composure back. I wound up selling my boiler for 3500 and bought a spanking new LP 98% efficient indoor furnace for 2800. Best business deal I ever made. I think in the end, everyone can adjust to where things get better.