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Newly Diagnosed

Newly diagnosed

  • By donna1969

    Hi I’ve just had results from my spirometry test. Whi my doctor confirmed I have copd. My result was 52% which apparently is stage 1 but borderline stage 2 . I’m now on spiriva inhaler. And salbutamol as and when needed. Plus she gave me my first flu jab. I have suffered recurrent chest infections since I was born with a birth defect. Oesophageal atresia with trachea fistula. I am a smoker and have smoked for over 30 years and hate to admit but am not in frame of mind to stop. They keep me calm and plus I enjoy smoking . Even though I know it’s not going to do me any good. I’m still trying to absorb in my head what’s going on with me. My heads abit of a blur at the moment.

  • By Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT Moderator

    Hi Donna and welcome! You’ve come to the right place. It is completely understandable that you’re still trying to adjust to your new diagnosis. We are here to help. It sounds like you are aware of the importance of giving up cigarettes but are not ready, just yet, to stop. Please try to remember though, that quitting smoking is the single most important thing you can do for yourself with COPD.
    I would suggest you look around our website here – we have a lot of information about the disease – we are all about all things COPD.
    Once you’ve gotten acquainted with the site, and had more of a chance to accept your diagnosis and condition, we will all be happy to provide you with whatever assistance you may need. Please just contact me or any other moderator as you did here.
    Warm regards,
    Leon (site moderator)

  • By donna1969

    hi leon. thankyou for your reply.
    I have looked around the different categories and have read different peoples experiences of living with copd.
    a lot mention about a rehabilitation programme/ dietician advice through theyre doctors.
    ive not been offered anything other than my flu jab, and Spiriva and salbutamol inhalers and offered to go back for the gneumonia injection I think she said . I know it was another injection . my memory is abit shortlived at times lately.
    ive also seen that people mention excersize programmes. again ive not had that discussed to me as yet . I walk to work practically everyday after a 20 minute bus ride . plus I work in a fast paced environment( costa drivethrough) which breaks are pretty much whenever you can get a chance to .and we only get 30 minutes and I work 11 hours a shift. sometimes 48 hours a week. although I’m only contracted for 35 hours. and it does take its toll on me and if I’m totally honest there are times I have to call in sick just to have couple days to rest as not only am I not wanting to get out of bed but I quite often feel drowsy midshift and have to ply myself with coffee and cake to wake up a little my job not only entails making drinks but a lot of cleaning and running from drivethrough to store side which does drain my energy resources . but I plow through and can never say no if I have to stay longer or cover other shifts . because to be fair I have to cover transport costs and also I pay for my prescriptions which throughout the year does get expensive as I tend to get about 3 or 4 chest infections a year not to mention my feet issues through being on my feet a lot during the week. . ( I feel a right whinger) .
    I have to rely on my mothers husband or if I’m lucky work collegues to drop me off at the bus stop after work as I cant manage to walk uphill (I’m ok going downhill to work) and couple of times ive been caught short (embarrassing) . because excersize loosens the muscles and since I had a disk removal in my spine a few years back I only get last minute sensations (I’m going to leave it at that).
    I don’t know what to do about employment as I cant afford to lose my job but I also know how hard it is to get into employment these days. and my hands feel ties on finding a solution. any suggestions appreciated as I really don’t know what to do .

  • By Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT Moderator

    Hi again, Donna1969 and thanks so much for your candid explanation of what your condition and employment are like.
    Pulmonary rehabilitation can go a long way towards helping you get ‘conditioned’ for your level of COPD. You may want to review any of these articles on that very topic:
    It sounds like your physician may need some prompting (from you) as to what you’re looking for from him/her (pulmonary rehab, nutrition, etc.) I thought this article might help to familiarize yourself with the nutritional aspect of COPD:
    And finally, if you haven’t as yet, you may want to check out our Facebook page; Here you will find many, many community members who share their experiences with COPD – I’m quite sure you’ll be able to interact with many of them who have similar sentiments to yours.
    I hope this too has been helpful in getting you started in handling your COPD.
    All the best, Leon (site moderator)