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General Discussion

Killer co pays

  • By Rich

    I don’t know how anyone can afford to get sick today they have u paying so much for all this equipment its out of hand some of these drugs are very expensive just your co pay alone ,I use a home vent called trilogy which is a vent for trachea use but also has multi uses for sleep apnea and carbon retention which is the reason I can’t go with a different type unit this is alarmed and will tell if u slip in to disconnect or other and Simon oxygen 24/7 so it has to be able to do that with a humidifier if u need it ,no longer on trachea had that out several months ago and this is working fine. ,but the co pay is 170. Per mo. Just for that plus I have two oxygen condensors and one home fill ,that I’d around 78 per,mo. Now if u look at meds and add in what I pay for my insurance and the part D wow it’s over 113 .mo. plus 100. Past D .add them all together it comes out 611 00 per mo. With meds it’s just got out of hand crazy ,

  • By Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT Moderator

    We hear you, Rich. It’s not easy or inexpensive coping with COPD. Many of our community members have expressed similar sentiments about the high cost of health care. I thought you might find this article to be helpful to read on this very topic:
    You are always welcome to visit our website as often as you like – we are here to help, provide scientific information or to just lend an ear.
    All the best, Leon (site moderator)