Surgery paralyzed my diaphragm on the left side

I have COPD. Yes, I used to smoke over my entire adulthood. Some periods in my life were worse than others and I smoked through the rough times. Most times smoking was a relaxant in the afternoon with tea or coffee and taking in the outdoors through the seasons.

I have taken inhaled meds for my condition for nearly 9 years and it has hardly made a difference and I have continued to worsen in other ways as well. Recently, I changed doctors and asked him to take me off all my inhalers for one that is non-steroidal and has an asthma med in it as well. Taken once a day, it relieves all symptoms for 24 hours. I feel so much better!

As for my eyes, they got really bad very quickly which caused me to have cataract surgery last year in both eyes.

I have come to the conclusion that pulmonary treatment techniques are medieval. For instance, how are people supposed to sleep with a mask, noise and giant tubes in the way? What is with the sleep study and all the probes in one’s hair and on their body? Dosing inhalers and leaving patients on them for years? I have gained a huge amount of weight in the ensuing years. And, yes, I do think if you inhale something, it gets into your entire system. I just has to. It is how things work. I think steroids get embedded in tissue and stay there. So, my medical MO is that I am a former smoker who is obese!

Oxygen? I bought a portable concentrator that has silicone tubing and pulse air for when I exercise. It is easy to manage, handy to have around. I have noticed that combined with my breathing exercises and new medication I can sit for thirty minutes with this type of machine and get a lot accomplished afterward around the house including using the stairs or, going to the store for groceries for at least 4 straight hours of feeling my old self. I can take a shower without feeling faint,too!

Admittedly, this, too, may be obsolete in the future and may no longer be the method of choice for me. Right now, though, I am back!

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