Living with Brochiectasis
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Hi, twenty plus years ago I had been dealing with a horrible cough and sought the usual treatments – going to interns, pulmonologist, sinus doctors, allergist for years without success. I was teaching resource as a Special Education teacher and had a real difficult time with infections.

I finally made an appointment with a diagnostic clinic in another state and was diagnosed with a rare pneumonia “Eosinophilic.” I was on high doses of steroids for a few years and everything seemed to be alright.

A few years ago I started having real bad bronchitis 5 or 6 times a year.

My pulmonologist usually gives me steroids and/or antibiotics to get me through these flare ups. I do have other medical conditions: neuropathy, panic disorders, high blood pressure, severe allergies and insomnia.

My husband is in late stage COPD and has had several hospital stays with complications in the past 3 months. He is on oxygen therapy at night and is doing better at this time.

We are fairly optimistic and find little joys each day and will not give up the things we love to do, like travel for as long as we can.

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