Joseph Fleming

I was diagnosed with COPD and stage 4 emphysema 5 years ago. I went to the ER cause I was having extreme oxygen problems.

I was born with chronic bronchitis and developed asthma. When I went to the ER they rushed me to ICU and from there I didn’t remember anything when I woke up. I had tubes in my nose and down my throat.

To my surprise I couldn’t move, my wife was hovered over me and asked me to blink if I could hear her. It was hard but finally managed. My wife then told me I was still under the effects of a paralytic drip and they had to put me on life support and a medically induced coma for 4 1/2 days and any movement caused my stats to fall. They almost lost me 5 times – that’s when they put the paralytic drip in me so I was paralyzed so machines could run my lungs 100%.

Now 5 years later I’m on hospice and have aides coming 7 days a week. Breathing a lot better now, still can’t walk very far but it’s all in God’s hands. So I keep praying for a creative miracle so I can get back to evangelizing the gospel of Jesus. Last words are for encouragement to some of you who receives this word of knowledge. It’s not why you’re going through these storms, it’s how you go through them – keyword FAITH! Thank you.


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