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My Story

I have COPD and have been on oxygen for 9 years. It is getting progressively worse. I am praying for the courage to call inquiring about a transplant. I also am looking at stem cells. Has anyone tried the stem cell treatments? I would like to know if they have tried it what the outcome was and if they felt it was worth it.

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  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Mammyd1 and welcome. We’re so glad you found our website.
    We have some information on transplants – you can read the material here: First, this one, which is an overview: And then, this one, which relates a more personal experience:
    In view of your questions, I thought you might also find this material on stem cell to be helpful:
    Please know that you are always welcome here!
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

  • Tonya Hidalgo moderator
    3 years ago

    I would like to personally encourage you to make that call to inquire about a transplant. Let the experts make the call about your ability to handle it. Here is an article that will describe the initial conversation.

    My mom did not want to hear of a transplant as an option, until something clicked after I had a miscarriage, and she decided it was time to give it a try. Inquiring doesn’t mean you will be approved, but never inquiring guarantees you that will never get your chance.

    I will need to lean on the others in the community regarding stem cells.

    Here is one more article to encourage you with the thoughts of a transplant working. Not all are perfect. However, this man had a transplant, and it changed his life.

    Tonya Hidalgo

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