Princess Fiona and Shrek

Background of my current crisis: I’ve known for years that I would get COPD, I smoke, have quit several times and have always started back up. I’m currently in smoke phase.

Shrek, my spouse of 33 years and best friend for 37 years, was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. We’ve gotten through the chemo and radiation, waiting for follow up appointments. I am an RN working 12 hour shifts in a nursing home. Our 19 year old kitty died a few weeks ago. I also had my 4th heart attack two weeks ago. Needless to say I’m under a lot of stress, physically and emotionally.

My COPD symptoms have been very mild for the last few years. Now I find myself gasping to talk, walk. I am coughing hard enough to make me dizzy, hard to move my secretions. The colder weather (which I love) is making it harder for me to catch my breath and exhaustion. This has all built over the last two months to my current state.

Wondering if stress could be exacerbating my symptoms?

Shrek also has COPD, neither of us are oxygen dependent. I use a CPAP.

Nice to find a place where others are going through what I am going through.

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