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My story

I was diagnosed with severe COPD 3 years ago. I smoked for over 42 years and when I was rushed to the hospital one day on my way to work, I was in the hospital for 11 days. I stopped smoking in the hospital and have not had a cigarette since! Then two weeks later I was admitted again for another 11 days. I have never in my life coughed as much as I did nonstop to the point they thought I cracked a rib. I have nodules on both of my lungs. I have to get a CT scan every 6 months to make sure they don’t get bigger. Also, I have to get regular blood tests to check on my status with Alpha-1. So far, I am only a carrier. If it changes then they can give me medicine for it. Not only do I have COPD, I have Fibromyalgia, neuropathy Migraines and etc. I am 58 years old and stay sick most of the time. I am on several medications and nebulizer. Thank you so much for adding me to the group.

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  • libby68
    4 years ago

    Ok so I’m not much about talking about my experience, but here goes. I was diagnosed at about age 38. I was already pretty bad at that time. I smoked, but did not start til I was in my mid 20s. I had a good job, 3 children, and a pretty full life. Breathing was getting to be a challenge, but I managed. When I was 45years old, in 2014, I worked my shift, punched the clock and drove home, never knowing I would never work again. I had a doctor appointment the next day. My doctor did the routine checks and told me she wanted me to go to the hospital. I was thinking that she was crazy. I felt fine. A little tired maybe, nothing worth being in the hospital. She called the ambulance and away I went. A month later I woke up in ICU. I had went into complete respiratory failure, 5 blood clots went through my lungs, I was put on a ventilator, and was later trached. I had a heart attack, was bleeding internally. MRSA Pneumonia and fluid in my chest cavity. I had lung surgery, tubes were placed in my chest and piece of my lung was taken out. I had more surgeries to save my life. I spent about 3 month in the hospital, including rehabilitation center that I spent a month in relearning everything. It was a long recovery. Now a over a year later my life has changed. I no longer work, I was at my job over 20 years. I feel in one quick minute everything was gone, and now I have to live this new life. I still had years to work. I am thankful for my doctor’s quick thinking, she saved my life. I have a hard time dealing with it though. I sometimes think I had a second chance, but I was happy with my first. Readjusting is hard. Too young for all this. I try to keep positive and exercise and eat right. anyhow, venting was helpful.

  • Jenn Patel
    4 years ago

    Hi libby68!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story here. We are so sorry for everything you have gone through.

    We’re so glad you reached out for support here. You are more than welcome to come here for support, to share how you’re doing, to vent, or to ask questions – any time!

    Thanks again for sharing, and for being part of our community! We do hope you’ll keep in touch.


    Jenn ( Team)

  • Jenn Patel
    4 years ago

    Hi Connie!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, and for being part of the community! Please do feel free to come here any time, whether it’s for information, connection with others who “get it”, and for support. Kudos to you on taking care of your varied conditions – we are so glad you shared your story, as we know there are others who can relate! Thank you again.


    Jenn (Community Manager,

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