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Life with Animals

We have had standard poodles for over 45 years, unfortunately last week we had to put Tegan to sleep. She was an epileptic, 11 years old and it was a fitted that ended her life. She was part of the family.

We do still have Honey who is three years old. Both dogs always knew when I am not well, sit in front of me facing me, and that’s to tell my wife that I wasn’t well.
They are so loyal, loving and caring animals who always give you their love and dedication. They help you to get over the bad times, like just now, Honey is lying beside me and there is nothing better to lower your BP than stroking your pet.

I myself am allergic to dog hair hence the reason for standard poodles. Thank you for reading about my pets.

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  • Janet Plank moderator
    2 years ago

    My heart goes out to you with the passing of Tegan. Our furbabies are so important. It sounds like Honey will be a close companion. Allergies can make things so difficult, I’m so glad that you are able to be with poodles and that you and Honey will have that special bond. Petting them helps release tension, can actually help us to breathe easier, regulate bp and bring such joy.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I have furbabies too and they make the world go round. It’s wonderful hearing from others who understand. I hope you have a breathe-easy night.

  • Jenn Patel
    2 years ago

    Hi w9c9i5Graeme!

    Thank you so much for sharing about your love for your standard poodles! I’m so sorry about your recent loss of Tegan. It sounds like Honey is comforting you beautifully.

    We really appreciate your mentioning your experience of pets and health, especially this month since Feb. 20 is #LoveYourPet Day! It’s incredible that you experience your BP decreasing from the simple act of petting (and loving) your dog. I’m sure there are people in the community who really relate.

    Thanks again for being here. We appreciate you – and pet Honey for us! 🙂

    Jenn (Community Manager,

  • w9c9i5Graeme author
    2 years ago

    Thank you Jen for your kind words, they often drop me in trouble when I say that I’m ok and the dogs know otherwise.. They are so supporting and even Honey although she knows that Tegan has gone, she in her own love and comfort she is a great support. Thank you.

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