My Illness

I first became sick back in about 2007. I am 54 years old now, and I’m dealing with emphysema and stage 4 COPD.

I spend many of my days at home as I don’t have the energy to go out, especially if the weather is too hot or too cold. I smoked for many years, and I’m just now working towards quitting. I have another site for that that helps me out tremendously. I hate my disease, but I’m learning to accept it.

I use oxygen 24/7 which I am also learning to accept. It is my hope that one day I can get off the oxygen, but my doctors say it’s for life.

I love my family, I want to do everything I can to be here for them. I have a 24-year-old daughter, we are very close, and I don’t want this disease to hurt her any more than it already has. If I can be of any help to anybody then I am also helping myself. I’m coming here to get some support and to support others as well.

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