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COPD diagnosis made me stop smoking

I’m 75 have had COPD since 1992, I was a smoker for over 40 years and stopped in that year. In 1997 my doctor told me if I didn’t get a transplant I would probably not make 3 years, well fortunately I didn’t get a transplant and have made it but it just gets harder and harder. I’m hoping to learn from other people who are on here.

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  • kenmel
    8 months ago

    you have had COPD since 1992, I never new folks lived that long with the Disease. And if you don’t mind me asking how long did you stay in each stage of COPD? Thanks and hope you are well

  • 1vi5whr
    4 years ago

    If you’re in a legal state, you might want to check out cannabis oil as something that will help. I’ve just begun a regime and will be doing it for 6 months or so, to see what happens. There’s a FaceBook group re Cannabis and COPD–there are people who feel they’ve been able to avoid a transplant (I’m hoping the same) Best wishes, T

  • Dana Lortie moderator
    4 years ago

    Hi r.33!

    Thank you very much for sharing your story with our community! I am very sorry to hear that you are struggling but glad that you found our community for support. We have many people here that will, hopefully, be able to connect with you and offer advice!

    This may be a good place to start if you’re looking to learn more about COPD basics:

    Feel free to come here to ask questions, post updates about how you are doing, or just browse around! We hope to hear more from you!

    Stay strong,
    Dana ( Team)

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