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Realistic Tips for Living Life with COPD.

Realistic Tips for Living Life with COPD

Life after a COPD diagnosis can either seem somewhat the same as before, or tremendously different, depending on how a person experiences the condition and how it has progressed. Either way though, it’s SO important for everyone to know that one can still live a fulfilling life despite COPD symptoms,!

There are many tips that people in the community have learned after collective decades (maybe even centuries!) of living with COPD, so we decided to make a point of talking about them this month! Would you join us by learning about new tips or sharing your own?

If you want to be involved in this topic, also known as this month’s community spotlight activities, here are some ways to do that…

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If you’ve ever been to a hospital for COPD, then you’ve probably met a respiratory therapist like me. Once we get you feeling better, the next goal is to make sure you stay healthy, which means breathing easy. Here are my favorite strategies for managing COPD…

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By Mary Ultes
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Tips for Maximizing Quality of Life with COPD
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Living with any chronic illness, especially one that makes it hard to breathe, as COPD does, is no walk in the park. But the good news is that with the proper treatment and lifestyle, people who have COPD can live happy, productive lives for many years…

Managing Anxiety
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It is no secret that anxiety goes hand in hand with COPD as symptoms worsen. Once the shortness of breath, or dyspnea, becomes severe enough to cause fear, dealing with anxiety may not be far behind. It is not something that anyone wants in his/her life, but sometimes it is just the reality of the situation…