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Spotlight: Weather and Changing Seasons

As summer approaches, this month at COPD.net, we are bringing you articles and activities that discuss dealing with weather and seasonal changes with COPD. It can be so difficult to deal with weather and different seasons that we want to provide helpful tidbits that help make it more tolerable with a chronic condition like COPD.

Quite often, symptoms of COPD can be made worse by extreme heat or cold. If you struggle with weather and/or changing of seasons, you're not alone! Fortunately, there are things people can do to feel better during these changing times. For example, check out the articles below for ideas, and share your own in the forum...

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Do you have any tips or tricks for dealing with the heat of summer, the cold of winter, or anything in between? Please share it with us in our Weather forum!


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See how other people who have COPD deal with weather...
Community Feedback: Managing Changing Seasons
By Editorial Team - May 20, 2016
Depending on where you live, the months of April and May mean spring weather – the transition between harsh winter and humid summer. And October means fall. In many ways, those months can be enjoyable – the weather quite mild. But in other ways, those months can bring with them the worst parts of summer and winter combined...

Tidbits for COPD in Cold Weather at Home & Away
By Janet Plank - January 15, 2016Cold weather is definitely here. With it comes a change in our own health. I don’t know about you, but my body feels the changes and reacts to things differently in the winter than it does during the other seasons...READ MORE

The Dangers of Summer
By Derek Cummings - July 8, 2016Summer to me means wearing light clothing, enjoying warm sunshine, and venturing out for the day on a photographic mission, taking lots of pictures. Days to the seaside, and travel all beckon during summer. But for some, summer can spell danger...

Community Tips: Beating the Heat with COPD

By Editorial Team - August 5, 2016We asked you in the community for your feedback on how you fight the heat and humidity of summer, and we received great responses! Ultimately, there were some common trends and tips shared by many of you, that may prove to be helpful if you’re still fighting an uphill battle with these warmer months...

Expert Answers: Dealing with Winter and COPD

By Editorial Team - February 23, 2016
Dealing with COPD at any time of year is a challenge, but it can be especially so in the winter! For this reason, we asked our panel of experts for their thoughts on the following question: Do you have any tips for dealing with winter and COPD? Check out their answers below...

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