Spotlight: Traveling

Spotlight: Traveling

Last updated: September 2018

Because this is something our community members discuss often, this month at, we're focusing on travel and how to get around when you have COPD. From taking oxygen with you to checking the air quality - it's not necessarily easy, but it certainly can be done! There are mobility aides that can help, as well as certain ideas and strategies to help keep you going! We're sharing them this month to help make everyone's travel a little easier.

And when we say "traveling," we don't just mean taking vacations! When a person is experiencing COPD symptoms,, he or she can be affected when "traveling" just around town - like going to the supermarket, or a doctor's appointment. So it's really important to talk about the issues that come up when traveling, near or far!

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How do you manage your COPD when traveling - whether it's a vacation or a trip to the store?

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Dos and Don'ts of Traveling with Oxygen

By Kathi MacNaughton
If your doctor has prescribed supplemental oxygen, there is no need to feel that you will never be able to leave your home again. There are many options when it comes to portable oxygen delivery these days...

On Oxygen and On the Go: Oxygen and Anxiety

By Mary UltesThere are three things that bring on anxiety the most when going out with supplemental oxygen. They are: being new to wearing supplemental oxygen, running out of oxygen while on a past outing, or having a panic disorder...

Traveling is About the Memories

By Tonya Hidalgo- September 25, 2015
As I am thinking about that trip and others that we took together, I am so thankful that my mom had the courage to push through and keep trying...

On Oxygen and On the Go: Let's Hit the Road

By Mary Ultes- October 6, 2015
If you are on supplemental oxygen, getting out for an hour, a day, a week or longer takes a lot of planning if you want it to be successful and stress free. The first thing you need to do is make sure your oxygen equipment is in good working order...

3 Products that Make My COPD Life Easier

By Derek Cummings- November 3, 2016
During the last few years I have employed some major aids that I call essential. Each making life more enjoyable. I now sleep better. Am able to use the whole of my house with ease, and to drive to the seaside for a trip along the promenade, or into the city to enjoy a little shopping...

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