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Spotlight on: #SelfCareAware

Living with COPD isn’t easy. Some days, it’s hard just to even get out of bed, not to mention get dressed, or especially shower (which can be incredibly difficult). However, sometimes, it's self care activities like this that may help you feel better. That’s why we’re taking the next 14 days to celebrate being #SelfCareAware and sharing easy ideas on how you can do it. Here's how you can participate:

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What is self-care?

Self care is about looking after and taking care of yourself (or asking others for help) - in a healthy way. It's about finding beneficial ways of coping. Whether it’s brushing your teeth every day, asking for help around the house, drinking enough water, or getting more comfortable when you try to sleep sleep, self-care activities are ways that help maintain your health. While they may seem little and unimportant, they actually add up and can have a long term impact on how you feel.


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