Spotlight: Nutrition & Health

Spotlight: Nutrition & Health

This month, is focusing on Nutrition & Health. Eating and meal planning can be difficult to manage with COPD, and it's also an important part of managing one's health. Over the month of March, we'll share and discuss the health benefits of a good nutrition plan, how food relates to COPD, and getting our nutritional needs met despite the challenges that COPD can bring.

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Nutrition and Health
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Overcoming Eating Challenges, Part 1
By Mary Ultes — February 25, 2016-
In the 18 years I have had COPD I have been underweight, overweight, too tired to fix a meal, too sick to eat, too weak to chew, and when I stopped smoking my taste buds changed...

COPD 101: Maintaining a Healthy Weight
By Kathi MacNaughton — September 11, 2015-
When you have COPD, it’s so important to maintain your weight within a healthy range. Doing so will strengthen your body in the best way to face the challenges that having COPD brings...

Eating Affordably and Nutritiously
By Matthew DiChiara — March 7, 2017-
Let’s be honest. Eating well is not easy at best and can be categorically difficult at worst. Even if we were certain about what foods to eat when (we have an idea, but we’re still learning), or had identified beyond any doubt the optimal human diet (we haven’t), eating nutritiously would still be challenging....

Overcoming Eating Challenges, Part 2: Overweight and Underweight
By Mary Ultes — March 1, 2016-
I know it is very hard to maintain the proper weight but if you want to breathe your best, live as normally as possible and have the strength needed to fight COPD successfully, you need the energy to do so...READ MORE

Overcoming Eating Challenges, Part 3
By Mary Ultes — March 8, 2016-
The nutrients we get from food give our bodies instructions about how to function. Food acts as medicine – to maintain, prevent, and treat disease....

3 Simple Tips for Eating and Feeling Better with COPD
By Matthew DiChiaria— July 9, 2015-
Certain foods...have the ability to contribute to health and well-being. Likewise, the wrong foods at the wrong time, or simply too much of a particular food, can be problematic...

Well-Balanced, Affordable Meals for COPD
By Mary Ultes — April 6, 2016-
I live on Social Security. I have no other income, I don’t get food stamps or low income housing. I am telling you this so you know you can eat right even on a limited income. I am on a heart healthy diet. No salt, caffeine, and as little cholesterol as possible...

Overcoming Eating Challenges, Part 4 - Microwave Cooking
By Mary Ultes — April 1, 2016-
When it comes to cooking, for people with COPD a microwave can be your best friend. In this article I have several recipes all of which are cooked in a microwave oven...

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Nutrition and Health
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Nutrition and Health

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