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Spotlight: Mental Health Month.

Spotlight: Mental Health Month

Did you know that May is Mental Health Month? So this month, here at, we bring you articles and activities that discuss the connection between COPD and mental health!

Quite often, people find that they’re facing not only the physical symptoms of COPD such as shortness of breath, bloating, wheezing, or coughing, but also other hard-to-see symptoms – such as anxiety, panic attacks, or depression. It’s crucial to know that if that’s you, you’re not alone!

Right now you might be asking yourself, is there anything we can do about it?

Fortunately, there is!

  • First, commend yourself for recognizing these symptoms and please remember that you don’t have to deal with this alone!
  • Next, we encourage anyone who thinks they might be experiencing anxiety, depression, or panic attacks to talk honestly and openly with their doctors and/or specialists about it.
  • And, in addition to medical treatment for what is a medical issue (because that’s what mental health is – a medical issue!), many people find that the more they talk about it, the “lighter the load” starts to feel!

That being said, we encourage you to participate as much or as little as you like in our spotlight activities this month…

Forum conversations

Do you certain ways to cope with the mental aspects of COPD? OR, do you have a question you’d like to ask? Please share it with us in our Mental Health Month forum!


Have you experienced anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or any other mental health issue related to your COPD? Share your story with the community! Share your story

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