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Man with oxygen on a bench and woman walking her dog. Text says Life Can Still Be Enjoyable with COPD and COPD Awareness Month 2019.

COPD Awareness Month 2019!

November marks COPD Awareness Month. This year, we want to know how you enjoy your life despite a COPD diagnosis. Because you can still enjoy life with COPD!

While sharing your story can be an empowering way to spread awareness, it’s not the only way. Below, we’ve got tools for connecting with others and making the most of awareness month this year.


Add a Facebook Frame!

Add our custom frame to your current Facebook profile picture by clicking here and following the instructions provided!

Share Your Story

Spread COPD awareness by sharing your personal story with us. How did you feel getting diagnosed? How do you manage living with COPD? How has your life changed since a diagnosis?

Share with us here!

Join the Conversation!

Do you feel that COPD gets enough awareness? What would you like to share with others about your COPD? Join the discussion and tell us in the community!

Talk about it!




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