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Does anyone experience windpipe or swallowing issues with COPD?

Does the following problem come from COPD? Or is it separate? More and more often recently, stuff seems to slip into my windpipe when I swallow, especially liquids but sometimes solids as well, and I have to cough vigorously in an effort to clear it in a typically unsuccessful effort bring it up.

Community Answers
  • Janet Plank moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi snikleek, that’s a question that is asked frequently. That’s something that has affected me over the years with gerd and more. carolcole’s response is similar to what I experience, however I take antacids, etc.
    I recommend that you discuss this with your doctor, as only he/she can diagnose you. Though we can share our experiences and similarities it’s best that you are diagnosed with your unique self. I hope that you let us know what you find out.

    carolcole, I hope your ear drum pressure doesn’t last long, you may want to get that checked. Your smaller bites and drinks are right on, my doc would appreciate that.

  • carolcole
    1 year ago

    Oh yes it happens to me just about everyday. However, lately I have found out that if I take smaller bites or smaller amounts of liquid (coffee etc.) I don’t get choked as often. It is a new learning thingy for me I guess. I just have to learn a new way to eat and drink anything. I end up coughing so, hard It burns and I am afraid I might burst an ear drum the pressure in my head is so, bad. Then i am to tired to finish eating.

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