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Does anyone have any information on stem cell therapy for the lungs?

Does anyone have any information regarding stem cell therapy for the lungs?
My husband and I are considering stem cell therapy we both have COPD. If anyone has any information regarding this please come back and speak on it thank you.

Community Answers
  • Daniel Nester
    2 years ago

    The answer is no. Stem cell therapy doesn’t work . Think about it ! They take stem cells out of your body and re inject them. Every stem cell has a different area of your body that it is designated for. They can not isolate the ones that just benefit your lungs. Random gathering of t cells without Isolating any of them and re injecting them benefits only the clinics that do the procedure. By using your hard earned money. they gain , but you loose. They are not FDA approved and no doctor in the world backs them unless they are involved in the scam. Four things don’t smoke exercise and eat right and stay away from things that can make you sick(flu , colds , and allergens ) .will be your best course. That will be 8000 dollars for my advice , LOL

  • Jenn Patel
    2 years ago

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks so much for your question, and I’m so glad you are reaching out on behalf of you and your husband. While you may get more feedback from community members on personal experience, I thought this article might be of interest to you and your husband, too:

    I thought you might also like to know that others in the community have asked about this as well – you can find her question as well as a response from one of our moderators, who is a long time COPD’er, here:

    Please do come by any time.

    Jenn ( Team)

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