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Does anyone have tips for dealing with weather triggers?

I am 65 years old with COPD and live on nth coast nsw. I’ve had bad winter with humidity now summer is coming on not only hot weather but pollens bush fires.

Make living a pain plus nth coast has the yearly sugarcane burning for 6 months cant open windows smell is off our house is forever dusty i think from sugar cane residue, I tried a portable air con last yr seemed to make it worse i just sit in front of fan. Im not looking forward to another summer, any ideas appreciated thanks.

Community Answers
  • Barbara Moore moderator
    9 months ago

    Hi Davoe,
    It seems that no matter where you live there are always problems with weather. In Southern Ontario we are coming upon winter and that brings some trying issues as well. I hope the information that Leon send on to you can help you especially with the sugarcane fires burning.
    Best of luck,
    Barbara Moore (Site Moderator)

  • Lyn Harper, RRT moderator
    9 months ago

    Hi Davoe – I’ve always wanted to visit your part of the world, but had never considered the weather issues you deal with. And the sugarcane burning is not something I knew anything about. I’ll be researching that!

    However, some the issues are ones that others, no matter where they live, have to deal with. The smell and dust in the house can be a real problem with COPD. There are some very good air purifiers that work to remove tiny particles from the air. This may be something you want to consider.

    Removing humidity can be more of a challenge – especially if you didn’t find a portable air conditioner to work. Have you tried a simple de-humidifier? The problem with them is they often give off heat – which isn’t good in the middle of summer.

    As Leon said, we’ve had a few articles about dealing with changing weather. However, hopefully others will chime in with things that have worked for them. You may also try visiting our Facebook page and posting your question there.

    Lyn (site moderator)

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    9 months ago

    Hi Davoe and we hear you!! It certainly can be a challenge to deal with the changing seasons and managing one’s COPD. Over the years we’ve published a number of good articles on this very topic. I’ve linked you to them here: I’m hopeful you will find reading them will provide you with additional insight for your concerns.
    When you have an opportunity, please let us know if you found them to be worthwhile. Wishing you the best, Leon (site moderator)

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