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16 Quotes for World COPD Day

November 16 is World COPD Day! We encourage you to raise awareness on this important day, recognized the world over for raising awareness about COPD. To commemorate the importance of this day, we put together 16 powerful quotes from our writers here at COPD.net. Feel free to share it with family, friends, and on social media, like Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for doing your part to spread awareness!

16 quotes about COPD for November 16

  1. Say 'I love you' to us. Say it a lot. Make the world better. From "What We Need to Hear and What You Can Do"
  2. You are unique in your own disease. From this poem.
  3. Always remember you are in charge of your health, the final decision on what medications and treatments you are up to you.From "Hospice Revisited: Resources"
  4. Remember, in all seasons you have the opportunity to love and be loved. How you live out each season and the memories you make, is up to you. From "Seasons of Life"
  5. I know you hate this disease as much as I do. From "Letter to My Son"
  6. Take your time in all things. Live life in the slow lane. After all, for us life is not a race anymore. From "Don't Stress It - Just Breathe"
  7. Positive in, positive out. From "How To Stay Positive When You Are Discouraged"
  8. Make today a beautiful day. Live, love and enjoy it to the best of your ability. Forgive yourself for whatever mistakes you think you made: You didn’t cause your COPD. From "Live For Today"
  9. No matter what your stage, or where you are in your journey, celebrate life! How wonderful the people that we meet along the way, that are part of our journey of life. From "Having a Social Life with COPD"
  10. Don’t despair. Life is not over. It is just more challenging. From "COPD Makes Things Harder, But Life is Fun"
  11. My life has changed; I’m physically disabled yet... My life is mine! From "What a Difference a Year Makes"
  12. Many times COPDers in the same stage and at the same level in that stage can experience totally different symptoms and COPDers at different level and stages can be having the same symptoms. From "Same Devil - Different Levels, Same Level - Different Devils"
  13. Don’t underestimate those seemingly insignificant moments of joy. Embrace them with everything you have inside of you. From "Make Happy Moments"
  14. One of the most important assets to have is awareness. From "Routine, Awareness, and Self-Management"
  15. When you are told you have ‘end stage’, that does not mean the curtain is closing to your life.From "COPD Makes Things Harder, But Life is Fun"
  16. It is nice to know I am not alone. From "Community Feedback: A Not-So-Ordinary Day in the Life"

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