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November 20th is World COPD Day

World COPD Day is an initiative that is sponsored by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD). Beginning in 2002, it has gained momentum each year since. Banding together with doctors and support groups, it is your chance to have your voice heard and join the millions that are looking for help and advancements to COPD. This year’s theme is “All Together to End COPD”.

Development of COPD

It is my experience that people who suffer from COPD feel that they deserve what they got because it is the result of smoking. This is not necessarily true because according to the Mayo Clinic, only about 30% of people who smoke end up with COPD.1

This leads us to believe that other factors may play a roll in the development of COPD. The causes can be genetic, due to poor environmental conditions, undiagnosed asthma along with factors like being a preemie, having blood clots in your lungs, or living in an industrial city. All of these are factors for COPD, along with the general process of aging.

Time for our voices to be heard

Regardless of the reason your developed COPD, nobody deserves to have a disease that robs you of the pleasures of day to day living. Working together we can decrease the stigma of COPD. It is time to talk about it, to let our voices be heard. When we use every moment as an educational moment, we help to shed bit of light on COPD. It is time for our voices to be heard.

With respect to all medical professionals that help us, we are the professionals in this disease. We know the effects of how COPD assaults our body. Only we can understand what is happening and we must learn how to deal with it on a day to day basis. Nobody should tell you what you want or need. Using our voices as only we can we are the masters of our own destiny.

Habits for health

We must quit smoking. Nothing should go into your lungs except the freshest air you can breathe. Exercise is a must because without it we begin to lose lung capacity. Set aside time each day and add to your regiment weekly. Everyone can do it. Start with sitting exercise and build the upper body eventually increasing times and repetitions. Building a strong upper body is essential to carry your tired lungs. Working on legs with a treadmill is an excellent way to be able to hold your body upright. Eating well-balanced, healthy meals will enable your body to produce lean muscles.

Your job is to take care of you

Your job now is to take care of you. Your day should revolve around your schedule of diet, exercise and keeping positive thoughts. As the saying goes, “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.” Nobody is more important than you and your COPD. As others see you taking the time to be as well as possible, they will begin to understand that you are a priority. And, because taking care of self allows us to have something left for others, everyone benefits.

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  • HITE1955
    3 months ago

    Great Article!! I didn’t know being a PRE-EMIE ( I was 2Lbs — 14Oz, On 1955 AUG 12th, @10:47 PM, EST, In STEUBENVILLE, JEFFERSON COUNTY, OHIO 43952, USA.

  • Barbara Moore moderator author
    3 months ago

    Most doctor believe being born with underdeveloped lungs plays a part. Barbara Moore (site moderator author)

  • HITE1955
    3 months ago

    When I was BORN, should have been Born Around 1955 OCTOBER 23rd.

    But I was very ANXIOUS to be BORN!! I did LOSE some WEIGHT: to 2Lbs — 07Oz!!!
    But ONE THING, I was a LOUD CRYER and was Put in an INCUBATOR till I grew to 5 Lbs and nearer My DUE DATE of 1955 OCTOBER 23rd, the HOSPITAL was VERY GLAD to RELEASE Me to My GRATEFUL PARENTS!!!

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