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Meet Betsy, My New Best Friend

The results of a survey, done right here on, showed that most of us are unanimous in our opinion. We agreed that vacuuming, changing beds, and mopping floors were the hardest of all household tasks.

My husband and I discussed a long time ago how much harder a chore vacuuming seemed. We agreed that we had to come up with a better way and I knew my days of doing these chores were numbered.  Meet my new best friend, her name is Betsy.

Vacuuming with COPD

I have COPD and vacuuming is the top chore that I would rather never do again. Exerting to push the giant power head of the vacuum through thick, plush carpet would leave me more breathless than walking a flight of stars.  When we both first noticed it we had carpeted floors but having the carpet removed proved no easier a task at cleaning time.

When I first got sick, there was little space in my house that wasn’t covered in rugs and carpets. It was the style back in the day. Our carpets were a deep blue and covered all flat surfaces including the stairs. When it was first installed we were so happy that it didn’t show any stains. Those days when, I ran a daycare from home and along with raising our own kids, it was an environment that was conducive with hiding stains.

The carpets had to go

As the years wore on the blue carpet was replaced with a white carpet. That huge contrast in colour meant we were no longer able to hide our sins. As soon as it was installed, we began our constant battle to keep the carpets clean but it was to no avail. We now had adult stains and a German shepherd and 5 cats. They would shed their weight in hair on a daily basis. It was an impossible task keeping it all clean and dog and cat hair free.

Finally, after my third exacerbation, my doctor ordered me to get rid of all carpeting in the house. I was justified in spending the money to get all my carpets taken out and getting wood floors installed.

Will losing carpet solve the problem?

We thought having wood floors wound be the answer to our prayers but once the new floor was installed the same amount of dog hair and debris was there. It now sat on top of the floor, no longer being absorbed by the carpet. It was, in your face, extremely visible for all to see.

Dog hair drives me a little crazy because it comes in clumps and attracts all kinds of debris to it. My oxygen tubing then drags it from one end of the house to the other. I could vacuum my way into bed at night and still be chasing dust bunnies in the morning. It seemed it was a losing battle.

My husband and I thought long and hard about the cost versus the benefit before we purchased. We decided that it was well worth it, waited for a good sale, used a few gift cards and bit the bullet.

My new vacuum is my best friend

Betsy is the name I gave my new robotic vacuum cleaner. She cleans one room at a time in half the time it would take us to do it with way less panting. Doing a different room every day keeps things fairly clean and she never complains or talks back.  Her sweeper gets into the corners and sweeps out all the dust bunnies.

Once installed, Betsy requires little maintenance and costs about $30.00 a year for replacement parts. It can be programed to stop and start or sent home right from my cell phone.

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