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Day by Day

If you feel alone, you're definitely not alone. It's a life journey of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, and a pinch of anxiety.

Emerging stronger than before

It's also a journey of positive thoughts and ideas. No one can be happy all the time, and sometimes things pop up that are out of our control and we need to ride out the storm. We emerge from the challenges physically and mentally stronger.

Exercising gives me a buzz mentally as well as physically. I can let go of my emotions by pushing myself forward, trying to get personal bests. Everyone needs something in their lives to aim for. I'm aiming to live a good, active positive life. Yes, I get scared, (who doesn't?) yes, I cry (who doesn't?). Always concentrate on what you CAN do not on what you CAN'T do. Don't look back and if you do, don't stay looking back. Always try to look ahead and feel good about what you achieved and how far you come.

Remember, you're worth fighting for. We're all special and we all have a right to be happy. Stay focused and look ahead. Each one of us has something to offer our society - no one is better or worse than anyone else. Were all unique and special. Ok, so we have an illness and it can be difficult to plan or look ahead. We can still live for the day and use it to our advantage. If you're having a bad day, spoil and pamper yourself.

Dealing with the unexpected

It's hard enough having to take things day by day, but when something happens out of the blue (not health-related) it can affect you tremendously. It can throw everything off course and trying to deal with it and simultaneously take care of your health can be so difficult. 

We recently lost a close friend and for the first couple of weeks, all our daily living got thrown out of synch. We seemed to be on autopilot and weren't able to live with the intentionality we usually do. Exercise stopped. Our usual routine stopped.  After the closure of burying our friend, we had the best sleep ever and awoke to feel refreshed and raring to go. I hadn't felt that good in such a long time.

Taking care of ourselves

We can't completely prepare for the unexpected. That's why we need to look after ourselves by staying as active as possible and eating healthy. Exercise is the best way to keep fit. Building up the muscles around our lungs and legs can help fight off infections and rid us of the stress that life can throw us. It also gives you that buzz mentally when you know you achieved something.

Do something new. 10 weeks ago I started an online art class. Taking an online class is nice if you have trouble leaving home, though maintaining a connection with the outside world is so important. Please do your best to do so whenever and however possible.

Look in that mirror each day and say "I can do this" because you know you can.


Editor's Note: We are heartbroken to share that Debz passed away in October of 2021. She is deeply missed but her positivity and resilience live on through her articles. Thank you for everything, Debz.

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