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Tapping to Relax and Reduce Tension

Editor's note: This article is accompanied by a video in which Karen leads a tapping exercise. To watch the video, click here.

Tapping is one of the many tools that have been used to help people relax and reduce tension during times of stress or crisis. It’s considered to be effective by many practitioners and doctors. It’s quickly become a part of functional medicine, and I thought you would enjoy learning the steps that helped me learn to tap.

Acceptance to help anxiety

When my husband's career took me several hundred miles away from mom, it was hard. I was the oldest and had been mom's caregiver. We were close. I visited a psychologist and told him about how fearful I was. He introduced me to tapping and I was able to accept the fact that mom could care for herself and would find support.

Of course, you know that I came home frequently, but when I couldn’t be there, tapping definitely helped me to relax and reduce the mental and physical tension. And yes, I taught it to mom and she did it with me, along with her 3 part breath exercise. It helped both of our anxiety.

Tapping sequence

There are tapping points along acupressure meridians in your body. Basically, you simply tap lightly on those places while focusing on an event or an emotion. There are many points that can be used in a tapping sequence. To keep it simple, we tap in 2 places. That’s how I do it most of the time anyway.

Tapping about fear

We'll start by tapping with 4 fingers on the side of your hand. Then we'll drop down from your collarbone and out one inch for the next spot.

Begin by relaxing as much as you can. Take a few deep breaths. Bring to mind an event or emotional fear that you would like to release. Give it a number between 0 and 10 of intensity. It can help you relax and reduce tension and anxiety with COPD.

Click here to watch a video of Karen leading a practice. You'll begin by speaking out loud with me and agree in your heart. For example: "Even when I'm really afraid, I deeply love and appreciate myself. When the fear is really big, I can learn to love and accept all of my feelings."

Tapping is useful to help you feel calm

When there are unsettling situations, you can use tapping to help your mind and emotions feel calmer. Allow your heart's creativity to lead the way to healing relaxation. As you listen to the words and tap gently, try to notice how much the tapping helps you to relax and reduce tension.

After you finish, listen to your mind and tune into your emotions. Place your hands over your heart and relax. Now see if your number has reduced at all. Feel free to repeat as many times as you like. If you find you don't agree with the statement, simply change it up. If you have more you would like to tap on, keep going with your own words and phrases.

Tapping to relax and reduce tension

I eventually moved back home and got to be close to mom for another 20+ years, and we both continued to use tapping. There is more and more research coming out about how tapping helps a person to relax and also reduce physical and mental tension. If you have any thoughts come up that you would like to share, please feel free to talk to your doctor, a family member, friend, or someone here in our community. I hope you enjoyed this tapping to relax and reduce tension.

Have you tried tapping? If not, how do you relax and reduce tension in your life? Share more here!

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